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What go TB mean?

TB method Throwback.It could also mean text Back,Tuberculosis,or Terabyte.

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TB MeaningFind the end what TB means and exactly how it is used.TB is an abbreviation for the word “throwback”. It is regularly used as a hashtag one of two people in conjunction through or together an alternative to the well-known Instagram hashtag TBT.

It can also less generally mean “text back”.

In medicine, TB is widely known as one abbreviation for tuberculosis.

TB is also an abbreviation for “terabyte”, i m sorry is a unit of measure of data storage capacity similar to GB (gigabyte) or MB (megabyte).

Where is TB used?

TB is often used together a hashtag top top Instagram. The is likewise sometimes offered as one abbreviation top top Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and also other social networking sites.

TB is used on the monitor platforms and also places:

textingonline conversationFacebookInstagramSnapchatTikTokTwitter

An example of the abbreviation TB in a text message.An instance of the abbreviation TB in a text message.

How is TB used?

TB is simply used to mean “throwback”. While that is periodically used in a caption, comment or message, that is often used together a hashtag comparable to #TBT or #FBF.

Do human being say TB out loud?

No; if they say anything in ~ all, they’ll simply say “throwback”.

Example provides of TB

In a message message:Wow, that picture is a real TB!

A girlfriend responds come a message of an old photo.

On Instagram:#TB to as soon as we very first moved in. The home looks therefore much various now!

Someone articles an old picture of their home on Instagram prior to it was renovated. Since it isn"t Thursday, they provided the hashtag #TB rather of #TBT.

On Instagram:#TB to before I began working out. #skinny #shrimp #small

Someone articles a photograph to Instagram showing how they looked before they started working out.

On Instagram:A couple of years ago in Florida. #tb #miami #beach

An Instagram caption for a write-up containing photos from someone"s holidays in Florida.

On Instagram:Here"s a cute #TB to as soon as Casper was simply a puppy!

Someone write-ups a photo of their dog together a puppy on Instagram.

In a text message:Thanks, you re welcome tb as soon as done

Someone asks their friend to message them back when they complete something.

On online conversation:My good grandfather died due to the fact that of TB. It"s a dreadful disease.

Someone talking around their good grandfather who passed far from tuberculosis.

On digital conversation:I thought 16TB would certainly be plenty, yet I already ran the end of storage!

Someone underestimate how many cat videos they were going to save.

Who provides TB?

TB appears to be offered as a hashtag by younger people, but not exclusively so. There are a wide variety of civilization who usage the term.

History the TB

First Use

It is hard to tell as soon as TB was an initial used as an abbreviation that “throwback”, but we suspect it wasn’t till it TBT started being offered on Instagram in late 2011 to early on 2012. It was an initial defined to typical “throwback” top top Urban thesaurus in 2014.

Data indigenous Google Trends reflecting the popularity of searches because that TB.Data from Google Trends showing the popularity of searches because that TB.

Rise in Popularity

According to Google Trends, searches for #TB began about the same time the the hashtag #TBT started being used on Instagram.

What to be used prior to TB?

As far as we have the right to tell: nothing. However TB to be still one abbreviation for other things (e.g. Tuberculosis, terabyte) method before it supposed “throwback”.

Other interpretations of TB

TB can additionally mean:

Text BackTuberculosisTerabyte

Text Back

We don’t view this used very often, yet it is periodically used by people when text massage each other.

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In medicine, TB is an abbreviation for tuberculosis, a an extremely well known transmittable disease.


You’re probably familiar with MB (megabyte) and GB (gigabyte), however how about TB? A terabyte is simply the next step up!