PULHES: 222221 Physical requirements Rating: medium required ASVAB Score: 100 in aptitude area SC, ST or EL NOTE: The required line scores for 29E have actually not to be updated because 2002 although the ASVAB line scores have actually been recalculated due to the fact that that time, bring about lower heat score requirements by frequently 1-5 points.

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Enlistment Bonus: none Security Clearance: secret but eligible because that TS SCI U.S. Citizenship: compelled AIT size / Location: 9 weeks in ~ Ft Sill, Oklahoma various other Requirements

Electronic warfare Specialist (MOS 29E) summary / significant Duties:

The digital warfare Soldier supervises and performs military activity involving the usage of electromagnetic energy to determine, exploit, reduce, or avoid hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Duties for MOS 29E in ~ each skill level are:

MOSC 29E1O. (Personnel Only). MOS supplied to recognize Soldiers accessed into MOS 29E (Non-prior company (NPS) and also In-service (IS)) prior to obtaining great SGT.

MOSC 29E2O. Provides technical aid to sustained units. Maintains and also assists in emerging the digital Warfare staff Estimate. Oversees EW Pre-combat Inspections/Pre-combat checks. Serves together the EW understand Trainer. Assists and also coordinates v the S2 on electronic Preparation that the Battlefield (EPB). Works with with the S6 for spectrum deconfliction. Disseminates usual Operating picture (COP) and also EW information.

MOSC 29E3O. Performs duties shown in preceding skill level and provides guidance to subordinate Soldiers. Prepares and also coordinates the electronic Warfare appendix to the to work order. Establishes EW input come Targeting Products. Participates in Targeting meetings. Analyzes pertinent situation and also predicts needs. Assesses EW risks and also vulnerabilities and also recommends countermeasures. Assesses familiar capabilities and missions in EW terms. Determines digital Protection requirements. Briefs familiar EW plan and vulnerabilities for each COA.

MOSC 29E4O. Performs duties presented in preceding skill level, gives guidance to low grade Soldiers, and also serves as the primary enlisted assistant come commanders and also as a staff NCO for significant commands in ~ brigade level or higher. Directs unit EW training and also provides technical advice and assistance come commanders. Develops and executes EW policies and procedures for sustained organizations. Coordinates external EW support mission requirements. Integrates EW operations right into MDMP.

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MOSC 29E50. Performs duties shown in coming before skill level, offers guidance to subordinate Soldiers, and serves together the major enlisted assistant to commanders and also as a employee NCO for major commands at the department level and also higher. Supervises and synchronizes EW personnel and operations in ~ the force. Develops plans to usage resources and also determines priorities and also overall cultivate requirements. Reviews and also identifies knowledge requirements and also products. Advises throughout the staff Estimate for electronic deception.

Other needs for award of MOS 29E:

(1) Normal shade vision. (2) Soldier must been in the grade of SGT or over with less that 10 year in business (Active ingredient Only). (This requirement is waived for the very first 36 months from establishment of this MOS). (3) organization Remaining need (SRR) is 3 years because that reclassification into MOS efficient for all company contracts composed on and also after 1 October 2009 under the provisions the AR 614-200, thing 4. (4) Civilian/military education. (a) A Soldier must be a high institution graduate or equivalent and completed high school algebra course or equivalent. (b) In-service ascede Soldiers should have successfully completed the Warrior Leader Course. (5) A Soldier must satisfy a protection eligibility of mystery and be eligible to receive a TOP mystery (TS) and Sensitive Compartmented information (SCI). (6) No details in armed forces personnel, Provost Marshal, knowledge or medical records the would prevent the providing of a protection eligibility under AR 380-67 (para 3.401.a).

Additional skill Identifiers because that MOS 29E:

N / A

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