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What go Andrew Mean?

Andrew is a Greek name meaning "strong and manly." It's a different of the Greek name Andreas, i m sorry is obtained from the element aner, meaning "man." Andrew was the surname of Jesus' first disciple, and Saint Andrew is the patron saint the Greece, Russia, and also Scotland.

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Origin: The surname Andrew is a different of the Greek name Andreas and method "strong and manly."Gender: Andrew is in history a masculine name most frequently used because that boys. Feminine variants such as Andrea and also Andi are popular among girls.Pronunciation: an-droo

Although plenty of baby names are separated by gender, Verywell family members believes the sex walk not must play a duty in your name choice process. It’s vital to choose a name that you feeling suits your brand-new baby the best.

How popular Is the surname Andrew?

Andrew absolutely isn't a stranger to the list of popular baby names. Odds are you've more than likely met rather a couple of people that bear the name. Andrew has stayed in the peak 100 names in the unified States since 1900. It invested 12 consecutive years in the top 10 native 1996 to 2007, with 2003 gift its most popular year. Since then, its popularity has gradually declined, and in 2020 it hosted the No. 52 clues in the unified States.

Although Andrew's ranking has actually taken a fight in current years, it's still thought about a timeless name for baby boys. That is biblical reference has been the main resource of popularity, yet two American presidents—Andrew Johnson and also Andrew Jackson—certainly assisted make that a strong an option for parents. It's likewise a relatively popular name throughout England and Ireland.

surname Variations

Given the historic significance that the surname Andrew, there space variations in many different languages. This include:

Aindréas (Irish)Anders (Scandinavian)Andras (Hungarian)Andre (Portuguese)André (French)Andrea (Italian)Andrei (Rumanian, Russian)Andrés (Spanish)Andreas (German)Andrzej (Polish)
Andy: argues a friendly, generosity personality like actor Andy Griffith, v the entertainer heart of singer Andy Williams. He's sociable and easy-going, and always fun to be around.Drew: Free-spirited and also courageous, drew is always up because that an adventure. The name suggests someone sensible, reliable, and also unafraid the change. Whether it's the decision of NFL quarterback attracted Brees or the fun-loving personality that actor attracted Carey, you're constantly in keep for a good time.

Famous civilization Named Andrew

Given the name's long-running popularity, girlfriend don't have to look far for famed Andrews. Here are several of the many notable ones:

famed Andrews

Andrew Cuomo, branch of new YorkAndrew Garfield, American-British actor well-known for his lead function in "The amazing Spider-Man"Andrew Jackson, saturday U.S. PresidentAndrew Johnson, 17th U.S. PresidentAndrew Lincoln, English actor recognized for his starring duty on AMC's TV collection "The walking Dead"Andrew Lloyd Webber, English composerPrince Andrew, fight it out of York, son of Queen Elizabeth II and also Prince Phillip, battle each other of Edinburgh

famous Andys

Andy Garcia, American actor recognized for his duties in "The Untouchables" and also "Ocean's Eleven"Andy Roddick, American tennis playerAndy Warhol, American artistAndy Williams, American singer

renowned Drews

Drew Barrymore, American actress well-known for numerous movie roles, including "Charlie's Angels" and also "50 very first Dates"Drew Bledsoe, former NFL quarterbackDrew Pinsky, one American medical specialist and media personality likewise known together Dr. DrewDrew Struzan, American artist well-known for creating movie posters

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