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Updated on march 25th, 2021

Battery cables space essential because they connect the battery come the vehicle. Even though the battery cables are made indigenous thick-gauge copper wire, they can eventually end up being damaged or corroded to the suggest of request replacement.

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The an excellent news is, If you have the knowledge and proper tools, battery cable replacement is commonly a project that you have the right to tackle yourself.

Disconnecting the negative battery cable.Battery Cable Installation:Compare the new battery cables come the old battery cables to ensure that both are the very same design.Note: If the cables space universal fit, they may need to it is in trimmed to length and/or have the terminal end replaced.Make sure the battery cable link points at the auto are free of any rust or corrosion. The battery terminals must also be complimentary of any corrosion build-up. Clean these places if necessary.Connect the new battery cables to the vehicle with the ideal fasteners.Reinstall the battery and also its hold-down device.Reconnect the confident battery cable to the battery.Reconnect the negative battery cable to the battery.Safely remove the jack stands and also lower the vehicle.Start the car to inspect that every little thing is working as the should.

How lot Does Battery Cable instead of Cost?

If you choose to have a expert replace your car’s battery cables, you deserve to usually intend to salary somewhere between $250 and also $400 to get the project done. Of course, the exact price will count on assorted factors, such as the year, make, and also model of your vehicle.

You deserve to save money by instead of the battery cables yourself if you have the tools and also the know-how. lifwynnfoundation.org has actually a wide variety of replacement battery cables available for assorted makes and models.

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