During Pain"s damage of Konoha, he fought Naruto. When fighting Naruto, ache hurt Hinata which made Naruto get mad. ~ a pair of secs of gift mad Naruto began to transform into Kyuubi.

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How countless tails go he transform to? I"ve heard and seen world say that he only got six tails, however I always thought he acquired all nine of them. Or practically got nine, until his dad stopped the transformation.



We check out Naruto reaching six tails and fighting Pain, that lot is certain.The wiki claims that ~ that, we see eight tails, here:

And we afterwards see Yamato"s hand v the number nine, come which he claims he was also late.However, because of Minato"s interference, we carry out not see Naruto v nine tails.

So, yes, Naruto has gone onto nine tails (He in reality wanted to remove the seal), but we carry out not view it, and also Minato stops it really quickly.

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When Naruto"s fight with Pain reaches it"s peak, Pain uses one that the Sage of Six courses move called Chibaku Tensei and also to get rid of the Heavenly body that traps him, Naruto while in 6 tails type is tempted by Kyubi who offers him finish power that the 9 tails in exchange for ripping apart the seal and Naruto does that


Now keep in mind the he hasn"t take it apart the seal totally it can be 99% broken, that is the seal is quiet in place and before Naruto division the seal 100% his dad appears and reseals Kyubi by method of his own Chakra that he had added to the seal before he passed away at the time of Naruto"s birth.

So that reaches 8 tails fully and 9 tails to around 99%, likewise we deserve to confirm that Naruto almost totally reached 9 tails during the fight because Yamato"s palm has the authorize for 9 appear, and also he claims that "it"s also late" view :


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Naruto fight with pain reason him to obtain nine tails. Yet when he gained all nine, he didn’t dice or turn right into the Kyuubi, instead he to be being controlled and forced to break the seal. Fortunately, minato sealed his remaining chakra right into Naruto together a baby just in instance for this particular situation so he’d reseal the Kyuubi. Exact same as once he sealed kushina chakra right into Naruto to help with the hit Naruto had with the Kyuubi.

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