There space 12 teams who have never winner a Super key — and also four of castle haven’t even been come the huge game.

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Super Bowl i kicked off on January 15, 1967. And while several of the teams detailed have winner “football” championships, none have won it all after ‘67 as soon as it was given its hyperbolic moniker.

These four teams will need to wait an additional year for a chance to beat in the big game. Yet they’re all provided to that.


The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest football groups in the NFL, however they have actually never to be to a super Bowl.

The Portsmouth Spartans were started in 1930 however moved across the Ohio border come Detroit in 1934 wherein they ended up being the Lions. The team winner an NFL championship versus the brand-new York football Giants in 1935, and also Detroit would go on to win three much more in ‘52, ‘53, and also ‘57, beating the Cleveland Browns every time.

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But the closest the Lions have ever been come a Super bowl was one NFC Conference title tilt in 1992. Barry Sanders to be quiet in the game, rushing for only 44 yards ~ above 11 attempts. Together a result, the Washington football Team previously referred to as a racist name walloped Detroit 41-10 at RFK Stadium. Washington would go on to victory the supervisor Bowl the year. The Lions? lock haven’t winner a playoff game since.