2. The FITT Principle

Regardless of even if it is you’re training because that a marathon, gaining ready because that intramural sports, or do the efforts to lose weight, knowledge the FITT principle will certainly make her workouts an ext effective. The FITT rule is one acronym i m sorry stands for:



Frequency refers to how regularly you exercise. Frequency is likewise dependent ~ above the type of exercise you’re doing. For example, if you are targeting cardiorespiratory endurance at a moderate-intensity the frequency is 3-5 days, vice versa, vigorous strongness is 3 days. However, if you targeting muscular stamin 2-3 time a mainly is recommended. Simply remember to have actually a least one day off per week.

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Intensity refers come how hard you exercise.Intensity deserve to be classified as either moderate or vigorous. There room two methods you deserve to measure intensity: (a) regarded level of exertion and also (b) love rate. Perceived level that exertion is just how you feeling while exercising, so the is a subjective measure.

Click ~ above the following attach by the American love Association to recognize your:Level of Intensity

Heart rate provides a an ext objective measure, and specifically you want to calculate her target love rate. Click on the following connect by the American council on exercise to recognize your: Target heart Rate


Time is the duration of the exercise.How lengthy you exercise will certainly differ depending on your level the fitness and the type of workout she doing. With regards come intensity, minimum recommendations for moderate practice is 30 minute 5 days a week and also vigorous practice is 20 minutes 3 days a week.


Type refers come the certain kind of exercise you carry out to accomplish the goals you have actually set.There space four major types of practice you must know: aerobic, anaerobic, strength, and flexibility.

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Aerobic exercise- is a form of middle intensity physical activity an individual deserve to sustain for an extended duration of time. Aerobic means in the existence of oxygen. Because that example, jogging, swimming, or cycling.Anaerobic exercise- is performed at such a high intensity, the is only done in short quick bursts. Anaerobic way without oxygen. For example, sprinting, strength lifting, or a HITT workout.Strength exercises- are designed to improve both muscular strength and also endurance. For example, load training, resistance bands, and body load exercises.Flexibility exercises- improve the range of activity of any kind of given share or series of joints. For example, stretching, yoga, and also Pilates.