There can be so countless questions the come with having a vagina. Like: What’s the deal with discharge? Is there together a thing as too lot pubic hair? and WTF is a hymen?!

While friend can discover our answers to inquiries one and two in other stories, we’re right here to this day to tackle every little thing you need to know around the hymen. Spoiler alert: No, it’s not something that deserve to be popped.

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What is a hymen?

A hymen is a "little item of membranous organization that covers the vaginal opening," says Dr. Tristan Bickman, OB/GYN based in Santa Monica. When hymens come in a range of shapes, the most typical is the of a half moon. This allows blood to easily flow the end of your vagina during your period.


I think my hymen is misshapen — is that normal?

If you have a misshapen hymen, don"t fret, it"s not uncommon. If a half-moon form is the most typical hymen shape, castle come in all different sizes. Some females are even born there is no one!

According to Young Women"s Health, however, there are three varieties of rarely often rare hymens that might actually reason discomfort to you…

Imperforate Hymen:

This is once the membrane totally covers the opening of your vagina. Once this occurs, blood is unable to circulation out that the vagina, causing a ago up of blood and also pain in the abdominal an ar and/or back.

Microperforate Hymen:

A microperforate hymen is as soon as there is an opened in the membrane, but it"s an extremely small. So, blood can circulation out, however often a tampon can"t it is in inserted, or if it is inserted, it can"t it is in removed when it has filled up through blood.

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Septate Hymen:

A septate hymen occurs when there is an extra band of organization in the center of the vaginal opening, bring about two little holes, instead of one (it type of looks prefer a nostril). Favor a microperforate hymen, a septate hymen can cause difficulty in inserting or removing a tampon.

All three of these abnormalities deserve to be resolved with a minor surgery. Also, it should be stated that it"s hard to view your very own hymen. So, if you"re worried something is up, do an appointment through your doctor and get it confirm out.

Will my Hymen readjust shape?

"When you go with puberty and start menstruating, the estrogen the is make by her ovaries may readjust the illustration of and also cause it come become really elastic," Dr. Bickman said. Since of this, her hymen will become more susceptible come stretching.

The very first time you have actually vaginal sex, "your hymen may not even be there for a range of reasons," prefer "physical exercise, tampons, expression cups." If it"s still there, however, "it can cause temporary bleeding or discomfort," Dr. Bickman says.

Once your hymen has been extended out, the won"t thrive back, yet that"s OK!

So, if my hymen is extended out, walk that average I"m not a virgin?

Nope! As formerly stated, her hymen "can be ruptured without knowing" from numerous tasks that don"t show off sex at all, Dr. Bickman says. So, her hymen is no a good way to recognize virginal status. Also, every hymen looks different. So, if some human being are born through a half-moon hymen, others have the right to be born through a an ext stretched the end one, so you really can"t phone call anything from the state the one"s hymen.

So, I"m no going come "Pop mine cherry" the very first time I have sex?

You may have actually heard the the ax "popping your cherry" or some variation of that, thrown about the college cafeteria or a sleepover. The phrase refers to once a person bleeds due to the fact that their hymen “breaks,” either during vaginal intercourse because that the very first time, or maybe even fingering. The idea that you will absolutely bleed at part point, whether it"s the an initial time you have sex, or if you get fingered, or even just from play sports, is a myth. Yes, it might happen, yet it"s no guaranteed. Due to the fact that all hymens look different, some might stretch and cause pain and bleeding the an initial time having sex, and some might not.

OK, however then why did the hurt so lot when I shed my virginity?

Again, the pain and bleeding linked with first-time vaginal intercourse relies on your hymen. If you have a smaller vaginal opening because your hymen is bigger, climate it might hurt more, and there may be some blood the an initial time you"re vaginally penetrated.

Additionally, if you"re scared about pain during sex because that the an initial time, or if you"ve had sex because that a few times and also it"s tho painful, girlfriend can slowly stretch the end your hymen overtime with your fingers, follow to to plan Parenthood.