Equivalent fractions can be identified as fractions that may have various numerators and also denominators however they represent the same value. Because that example, 9/12 and 6/8 are equivalent fractions due to the fact that both space equal to 3/4 once simplified.

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All indistinguishable fractions get decreased to the same portion in your simplest form as checked out in the over example. Discover the offered lesson to gain a much better idea of just how to discover equivalent fractions and how to inspect if the offered fractions are equivalent.

1.What are identical Fractions?
2.How to find Equivalent Fractions?
3.How to recognize if two Fractions space Equivalent?
4.FAQs on equivalent Fractions

What are indistinguishable Fractions?

Two or much more fractions are claimed to be equivalent if they space equal to the same portion when simplified. Because that example, the indistinguishable fractions of 1/5 are 5/25, 6/30, and 4/20, i m sorry on simplification, an outcome in the same fraction, that is, 1/5.

Equivalent fractions Definition

Equivalent fractions are identified as those fountain which are equal come the same value regardless of whether of their numerators and also denominators. For example, both 6/12 and also 4/8 are equal to 1/2, when simplified, which way they are tantamount in nature.

Equivalent fountain Examples

Here room some instances of indistinguishable fractions.

Example: 1/2, 2/4, 3/6, and also 4/8 are tantamount fractions. Let united state see how their values room equal. Us will represent each of this fractions as circles with shaded parts. It have the right to be seen that the shaded components in every the numbers represent the same part if seen as a whole.


Here, we deserve to see that the quantity of shaded section is the very same in every the circles. Hence, 1/2, 2/4, 3/6, and also 4/8 are indistinguishable fractions.

How to discover Equivalent Fractions?

Equivalent fractions deserve to be composed by multiplying or splitting both the numerator and the denominator by the very same number. This is the factor why these fractions get lessened to the same number as soon as they room simplified. Allow us recognize the two means in i m sorry we can make indistinguishable fractions:

Multiply the numerator and also the denominator by the exact same number.Divide the numerator and the denominator through the same number.

Multiply the Numerator and also Denominator by the exact same Number

To uncover the indistinguishable fractions for any type of given fraction, main point the numerator and also the denominator by the exact same number. Because that example, to uncover an equivalent portion of 3/4, main point the numerator 3 and the denominator 4 by the very same number, say, 2. Thus, 6/8 is one equivalent fraction of 3/4. We can find some other identical fractions by multiplying the numerator and the denominator of the given fraction by same number.

3/4= (dfrac3 imes 34 imes 3) =9/123/4=(dfrac3 imes 44 imes 4) =12/163/4=(dfrac3 imes 54 imes 5) =15/20

Thus, the equivalent fractions the 3/4 space 6/8, 9/12, 12/16, and 15/20.

Divide the Numerator and Denominator through the very same Number

To uncover the indistinguishable fractions for any given fraction, divide the numerator and also the denominator through the same number. For example, to discover an equivalent portion of 72/108, we will an initial find their usual factors. We understand that 2 is a usual factor of both 72 and 108. Hence, one equivalent portion of 72/108 have the right to be uncovered by splitting its numerator and also denominator by 2. Thus, 36/54 is one equivalent fraction of 72/108. Let us see exactly how the portion is additional simplified:

2 is a typical factor of 36 and 54. Thus, 36/54= (dfrac36 div 254 div 2)= 18/27Again, 3 is a common factor of 18 and also 27. Thus, 18/27= (dfrac18 div 327 div 3)=6/9Again, 3 is a common factor that 6 and 9. Thus, 6/9=(dfrac6 div 39 div 3)=2/3

Therefore, a couple of equivalent fountain of 72/108 room 36/54, 18/27, 6/9, and 2/3. Here, 2/3 is the simplified form of 72/108 together there is no typical factor (other 보다 1) of 2 and 3.

We have to simplify the given fractions to uncover whether lock are identical or not. Simplification to gain equivalent numbers can be done to a allude where both the numerator and also denominator have to still be totality numbers. There are various methods to identify if the offered fractions are equivalent. Few of them are:

Making the denominators the same.Finding the decimal form of both the fractions.Cross multiplication method.Visual method.

Let us identify whether 2/6 and also 3/9 are equivalent fractions by each of this methods.

Making the denominators the Same

The platform of the fractions, 2/6 and 3/9 are 6 and 9. The Least common Multiple (LCM) that the denominators 6 and also 9 is 18. Let us make the platform of both fountain 18, by multiplying them with an ideal numbers.

2/6=(dfrac2 imes 36 imes 3)= 6/183/9=(dfrac3 imes 29 imes 2)= 6/18

We can observe the both the fountain are indistinguishable to the same portion 6/18. Thus, the provided fractions space equivalent.

Note: If the fractions are NOT equivalent, us can examine the better or smaller fraction by looking at the molecule of both the resultant fractions. Hence, this method can additionally be provided for to compare fractions.

Finding the Decimal kind of Both the Fractions

Let us find the decimal kind of both the fountain 2/6 and 3/9 to see if they provide the same value.

2/6= 0.3333333...3/9= 0.3333333...

The decimal worths of both the fractions space the same and hence, they are equivalent.

Cross Multiplication Method

To identify whether 2/6 and also 3/9 are equivalent, us cross main point them. If both the commodities are the same, the fractions room equivalent.


Since both the commodities here are 18, the offered fractions room equivalent.

Visual Method

Let us stand for each of the fractions 2/6 and 3/9 pictorially on identical shapes and check if the shaded sections of both are equal.


We deserve to see that the shaded sections of both the one depict the same value. In other words, it deserve to be seen that the shaded components in both the numbers represent the same part if seen as a whole. Hence, the given fractions room equivalent.

Equivalent fountain Chart

Charts and also tables are regularly used come represent concepts in a better way since they serve as a handy reference for calculations and are much easier to understand. Anchor charts and also tables, like the one offered below, make it simpler for the students to understand identical fractions. Let us use the following chart to find the indistinguishable fractions that 1/4.


From this chart, we have the right to observe the the tantamount fractions that 1/4 are: 2/8, 3/12, 4/16,...

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Tips on tantamount Fractions

Two fountain are said to be equivalent if their values (decimal/graphical) space the same.We normally multiply the numerator and denominator the a portion by the exact same number to gain its equivalent fraction.The 'Cross multiplication method' is offered to determine whether any two fountain are indistinguishable or not.'Making the platform the same' is another an approach used to identify if two or more fractions are equivalent.

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Example 1: space 12/20 and 22/30 tantamount fractions?


Method 1:

To check if the provided fractions are equivalent, we will make the denominators the exact same by multiplication. The platform of the fountain 12/20 and also 22/30 room 20 and also 30. The LCM that the platform is 60. Let us make the platform of both the fractions same to 60, by multiply them with the suitable numbers: 12/20=(dfrac12 imes 320 imes 3)= 36/60, 22/30=(dfrac22 imes 230 imes 2)= 44/60. Here, it can be viewed that 36 is not equal to 44, that is 36