In addition to the widely-known generic top-level domains such as .com, .gov, .edu, .net or .org, you probably have likewise encountered nation code top-level domains such as .it, .de or .jp. All ccTLDs consist of two letters, and are originally intended for usage by the equivalent country or autonomous territory. Although numerous countries call for a proof of residence for an separation, personal, instance to it is registered for a Web resolve with their details ccTLD, others enable anybody to carry out so. Together is the instance for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, to who the .cc ccTLD belongs.

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The Cocos (Keeling) Islands room an Australian territory, written of 27 islands situated in the Indian Ocean and inhabited by less than 600 people. Return a handful of .cc addresses, such together tourism websites, are associated with this islands, a far greater number has actually been registered by individuals from anywhere the civilization in find of a unique address for their website.

Another reason to register a .cc domain is name availability. "," "" and "" are most likely all already taken, but "" could not be -- and also a site name provided under this domain will most likely be far easier to speak out loud, and fit into letterheads and also business cards, than an alternative name friend would have to settle on if your wanted one was tackled top-level domain.

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Companies might register short .cc internet addresses and then offer others the capability to it is registered sub-domains because that those addresses, either for free -- relying on their ad revenue for profit -- or for a portion of the cost associated with registering a normal domain name. Such free or cheap domain names are regularly used through spammers and scammers, which contends points caused an attend to being banned from find engines — together was the situation with Google dropping all websites through a "" domain name, once it was discovered that this an are had to be registered to a solitary company and also outsourced to a range of spam operators. While comparable activity is often much more common come ccTLDs belonging to smaller nations or regions such as the Cocos Islands, it doesn"t impact your capacity to register and successfully operate a website under this address.

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