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What is a DB15 Connector?

According to correct I/O connector nomenclature, the D-sub 15 pen connector is frequently either a DA15 or DE15 connector. However, the all at once DB15 title has stuck — also though the technically a misnomer. That’s why, to assist clear up any confusion, we desire you to know a little bit of electronic devices history, including exactly how D-subminiature connectors very first got your name.

Back in the at an early stage 1950"s, the very an initial series of D-subminiature connectors was introduced. In this device of connectors, the prefix “D” has always stood because that the D-shaped — or trapezoidal — shell surrounding the pins. The following letter in the titling mechanism — A, B, C, D or E — is a reference to the five various shell sizes that are frequently chosen in relation to the total number of pins or sockets that provide the connector its numerical name complying with the first two letters.

For a pin construction of 2 rows through one 8 pen row and a 7 pen row, an “A” shell size is used. It results in a DA15 connector. For a pin construction of three rows the slightly offset and more densely located 5 pen rows, one “E” covering size is used. It results in a DE15 high-density connector.

However, since early personal computers switched from utilizing the usual DB25 connectors to various other sizes and forms that connectors, many civilization confused the D-sub title with the DB title. For this reason, the DB15 connector is still typically understood in the market to be identified with either a DA15 or DE15 connector.

It’s also helpful to keep in mind that if you see a “P” or one “S” complying with a D-subminiature’s title, the “P” means pin, otherwise recognized as a masculine connector, and also the “S” means socket, otherwise known as a woman connector.

DB15 Connector | HD15 Applications

DB15 Connector, D-shaped rectangle-shaped d-subminiature connectors, are used in plenty of end-use sector applications from computer system peripherals to an ext ruggedized settings like portable hand-held computers, clinical scanners/printers, commercial equipment, transmitters, remote sensors & data loggers. Contact us straight if there is a custom or semi-custom db15 connector project require that is not listed in our typical product giving above.

DB15 Connector, D-shaped rectangular D-subminiature connectors, are offered in numerous end-use sector applications from computer system peripherals to an ext ruggedized environments like portable hand-held computers, medical scanners/printers, commercial equipment, transmitters, remote sensors and also data loggers.

One the the DA15 connector’s most popular uses is together the game port on personal computers. As soon as it comes to the DE15 high-density connector, one if the most usual uses is together a video graphics array or VGA connector — return as far as video applications room concerned, it deserve to support higher resolutions, such together SVGA, XGA, UXGA and also more.

Contact us directly if over there is a custom or semi-custom DB15 connector project require that is not detailed in our typical product providing above. DB15 CONNECTORS - INNOVATION and also RELIABILITY DB15 connectors space engineered with your requirements in mind. Supplying quality relations in even the harshest and also most an overwhelming environments is what our products are all about. If your distinct application needs a DB15 connector or DB15 cable assembly the you don’t currently see listed in our product offerings above, it’s not a problem. Reach the end to us and also speak directly with a product technician for an ext information on ours DB15 male and DB15 mrs connector product offering..

When you pick, you acquire a world-class leader in the design and also manufacturing that I/O interconnect products. We additionally have much more than 35 year of suffer working for professionals just like you. Our knowledgeable team produce a wide selection of premium machined, ruggedized and also highly reputable connectors for demanding applications in communications, computer/peripherals, gaming, instrumentation, test labs, medical, military and commercial industrial environments.

Other companies might tell you that it can’t be done. We don’t. Instead, we get to occupational to design an innovative, helpful solution that meets your application’s needs and matches her budget and also timeline.

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