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CategoriesNooks and also cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe human body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of all evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and screenBirds and also the bees SEMANTIC ENIGMASWhy has actually your thumb gained a special name, yet your big toe is just dubbed a large Toe?Beth , Derby, UK our thumbs are the things that separate the people from the monkeys. They space opposable thumnbs. Friend don"t have actually opposable large Toes, nor have they done anything to help the humans except aid balance. Kevin, Yaphank, United claims Actually, lock both have. The correct anatomical surname for the thumb is the "pollux" and also the large toe the "hallux". Dr Robert Kidd, Sydney, Australia trace the beginnings of the two words and you"ll find that thumb and toe room actually the very same word. This is common in other languages, too: in Latin, thumb is pollex, and huge toe is pollex, too; but, in clinical Latin, the huge toe is identified as the pollex maximus - the big thumb. Man Bennett, Glasgow, Scotland Thumbs have actually a different anatomy and duty to the other hand digits, however all the 5 foot digits have similar type and function. For example, the thumb"s main movements occur approximately at best angles come those of the various other hand digits, permitting a strong pincer grip, which is vital for grasping and fine motor an abilities such as writing. In contrast, the toes every flex and also extend in the exact same direction together each other.Hence the thumb totally deserves its special name. Interestingly, however, muscle attaching to the ignorance and big toe both have special anatomical descriptors - "pollicis" and also "hallucis" dong -which space not used to the other digits. For this reason the large toe has actually been given some recognition, albeit arcanely, as a distinct digit. Mark Perry, Perth, Australia it is opposable, uneven your big toe, and functions in different ways to the fingers.Incidentally, Arabic doesn"t also have a word for "toes" big or tiny - castle are dubbed "foot fingers". Keith Mason, London, UK because the person thumb is different from the various other fingers together it is opposable (which allows us come grab host of objects v our thumbs on the opposite side of the thing to the other fingers) vice versa, the big toe is not opposable and also is merely bigger 보다 the various other toes. Alan Williams-Key, Madrid, Spain it is because in order to evolve to herbal walkers humans had actually to provide up the perk of gift able come grab objects through their feet. Also, the place of the foot is different than the of the palm. Maroiu Mihai Ioan, Bucharest, Romania my guess is since the ignorance is the only opposable digit unlike all other digits i m sorry are more or much less parallel. Also, one can"t really speak to the thumb a large Finger (or tiny finger) due to the fact that it is much shorter and broader then the others. Buzzz, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US might it be becuase the thumb is an opposible number whereas a large toe (although important for walking) is just one more toe in line v the rest? Kevin Hannan, Leeds, UK My big toes have actually lots the names once I stub them. Iain Stewart, Sydney, Australia you speak for yourself. My large toe"s referred to as Brian. Richard, London, UK No names because that the toes since most of the moment we hide castle in our pair of shoes whilst our fingers particularly Mr thumb are constantly in the limelight. John Matang, Kuching Malaysia ns picked increase from a GP girlfriend of mine years earlier the brand "great toe", an archaism or specific term? Richard Bowes, Leeds UK This is true that English, yet in French over there is a unique word for big toe ("orteil"), vice versa, no distinct word because that toe ("doigt de pied" = foot finger).Perhaps as thumbs room used and given significance more than big toes, it"s simply the way the language has developed. If we required a unique word for it, we"d have one. Toby Smith, Farnborough, England Scientifically the surname for the huge Toe is a ignorance or Adam. They have similar features and also you have the right to paint both. Katie, Montegut USA include your answer

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