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discover Columbia In Columbia, energy and innovation collide in methods that make it top-rated location to learn, work, live and play. Come visit the love of south Carolina and also see why there"s no place we"d rather be!

Some college towns simply shine brighter.

Columbia is nestled in theheart of southern Carolina. The state"s resources city, Columbia was started in 1786. Not only is it house to the state"s flagship university, it"s the ar to findthe state"s government,Fortune 500 companies, a flourishing arts lifwynnfoundation.orgene and an ext than 800,000 residents.

Whether friend come for a work or weekend, there"s always something to enjoy. Plan your trip about one that the area"s renowned events and also festivals or explore a host of points to do any type of time the year. Bunk end in the chic Hotel Trundle simply off main Street or remain on campus at the Graduate Columbia because that a one-of-kind Gamecock experience. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, savor the Columbia food lifwynnfoundation.orgene native slow-smoked barbecue joints to country lauded good dining in every ar of town. Us recommend the Vista"s Cupcake DownSouth and also Main Street"s eastern Bay Deli.

Do it all here

The university of southern Carolina is woven right into the fabric of Columbia. Suitable place come visit or stay, Columbia is her front door come a world-class education, the southerly outdoors and much more. Take it a closer look.


Take Soda City because that a Spin

Get a head begin on to plan your trip to Columbia and also the areas that comprise our flourishing city. Columbia is huge enough the you deserve to do anything, and tiny enough the you won’t acquire lost. No issue what you’re passionate about, the here.


Y"all! In 2019, SmartAsset ranked Columbia, southern Carolina, as the fourth most popular City whereby Millennials room Moving. Not just that, Columbia"s been called a top college city in the U.S. By livability.com.

Once you begin to check out the city, you discover all this cool events and places, favor Papa Jazz document Shoppe, the Soda City Market and outdoor music festivals.

Kathleen Snowden

When us say you can pursue your passions here, we mean it. Every little thing you’re into — from pundit pursuits to physical fitness, community company to your favorite understanding — Columbia"s acquired you covered.


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Nearest Airports to Campus

The the next airport come the college of south Carolinais the ColumbiaMetropolitan Airport(CAE), i beg your pardon isapproximately 15-20 minute (by car) from our campus. The Charlotte Douglas worldwide Airport (CLT) is in Charlotte, NC and is about 1.5 hrs (by car) from our campus. The Columbia Charlotte shuttle is the top provider the transportation between Uoflifwynnfoundation.org and also the Charlotte Airport.

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There’s therefore much much more we’d choose to show you around Columbia and also South Carolina. Our Visitor facility hostsa wide selection ofacademic, virtual and also on-campusexperiences to give you a better look in ~ the opportunities and also amenities waiting for friend here. Learn around visit choices and our flourishing hometown, Columbia, lifwynnfoundation.org.