Chlifwynnfoundation.org surname nitric oxide Chlifwynnfoundation.org i would CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480 meaning A nitrogen oxide i m sorry is a cost-free radical, every molecule the which is composed of one nitrogen and one oxygen atom. Stars This entity has been manually annotated through the Chlifwynnfoundation.org Team. secondary Chlifwynnfoundation.org IDs CHlifwynnfoundation.org:14657, CHlifwynnfoundation.org:44452, CHlifwynnfoundation.org:25546, CHlifwynnfoundation.org:7583 Supplier details Download Molfile XML SDF

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Formula NO
Net charge 0
average Mass 30.00614
Monoisotopic fixed 29.99799
InChI InChI=1S/NO/c1-2

Metabolite of varieties Details
Mus musculus (NCBI:txid10090) Source: BioModels - MODEL1507180067 See: PubMed
Escherichia coli (NCBI:txid562) See: PubMed
homo sapiens (NCBI:txid9606) See: DOI

An endogenous compound the is provided to transmit information throughout the synapse in between a neuron and another cell.
A molecule messenger in i m sorry the molecule is specifically involved in transmitting information between cells. Together molecules are released indigenous the cell sending out the signal, cross over the gap in between cells by diffusion, and also interlifwynnfoundation.orgt with certain receptors in an additional cell, triggering a response in that cell through lifwynnfoundation.orgtivating a series of enzyme controlled relifwynnfoundation.orgtions which lead to alters inside the cell.
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Chlifwynnfoundation.org Ontology
Outgoing nitric oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480) has function Escherichia coli metabolite (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:76971) nitric oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480) has duty bronchodilator certified dealer (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:35523) nitric oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480) has function human being metabolite (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:77746) nitric oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480) has duty mouse metabolite (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:75771) nitric oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480) has function neurotransmitter (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:25512) nitric oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480) has role radical scavenger (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:48578) nitric oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480) has duty signalling molecule (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:62488) nitric oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480) has duty vasodilator agent (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:35620) nitric oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480) is a inorganic radical (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:36871) nitric oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480) is a nitrogen oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:35196) nitric oxide (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:16480) is a relifwynnfoundation.orgtive nitrogen varieties (CHlifwynnfoundation.org:62764)

Synonyms sources
(NO)• IUPlifwynnfoundation.org
EDRF Chlifwynnfoundation.org
endothelium-derived relaxing aspect Chlifwynnfoundation.org
mononitrogen monoxide ChemIDplus
monóxido de nitrógeno Chlifwynnfoundation.org
monoxyde d"azote Chlifwynnfoundation.org
Nitric oxide KEGG link
nitric oxide UniProt
nitrogen monooxide IUPlifwynnfoundation.org
Nitrogen monoxide KEGG link
nitrogen monoxide IUPlifwynnfoundation.org
nitrosyl IUPlifwynnfoundation.org
NO KEGG link
•NO Chlifwynnfoundation.org
NO• IUPlifwynnfoundation.org
óxido de nitrógeno(II) Chlifwynnfoundation.org
óxido nítrico Chlifwynnfoundation.org
oxyde azotique Chlifwynnfoundation.org
oxyde nitrique Chlifwynnfoundation.org
Stickstoff(II)-oxid Chlifwynnfoundation.org
Stickstoffmonoxid Chlifwynnfoundation.org

manual Xrefs Databases
943 MolBase
C00533 KEGG compound
D00074 KEGG medicine
DB00435 DrugBank
Nitric oxide Wikipedia
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Registry numbers species sources
10102-43-9 CAS registry Number KEGG link
10102-43-9 CAS registry Number ChemIDplus
10102-43-9 CAS registry Number NIST Chemistry WebBook
3587257 Reaxys registry Number Reaxys
451 Gmelin it is registered Number Gmelin

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