Veins return blood come the love from every the guts of the body. The huge veins parallel the huge arteries and also often share the very same name, however the pathways of the venous system are more an overwhelming to map than those that the arteries. Countless unnamed small veins type irregular networks and also connect through the big veins.

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Many veins, specifically those in the arms and also legs, have one-way valves. Each valve consists of 2 flaps (cusps or leaflets) with edges that meet. Blood, as it moves towards the heart, pushes the cusps open like a pair that one-way swinging doors. If heaviness or muscle contractions try to traction the blood backward or if blood starts to back up in a vein, the cusps are propelled closed, avoiding backward flow. Thus, valves help the return the blood to the heart—by opening once the blood flows towards the heart and also closing as soon as blood can flow backward due to the fact that of gravity.

The deep veins pat a far-ranging role in propelling blood towards the heart. The one-way valves in deep veins protect against blood from flowing backward, and the muscles surrounding the deep veins compress them, helping force the blood toward the heart, just as squeezing a toothpaste pipe ejects toothpaste. The an effective calf muscle are specifically important, forcefully compressing the deep veins in the legs through every step. The deep veins lug 90% or an ext of the blood from the legs toward the heart.


One-way valves consist of of two flaps (cusps or leaflets) v edges the meet. This valves assist veins return blood to the heart. As blood moves toward the heart, the pushes the cusps open up like a pair of one-way swinging doors (shown on the left). If heaviness momentarily pulls the blood backward or if blood begins to earlier up in a vein, the cusps are instantly pushed closed, preventing backward flow (shown top top the right).


Superficial veins have the same type of valves as deep veins, but they room not surrounding by muscle. Thus, blood in the superficial veins is not compelled toward the love by the squeezing action of muscles, and it flows much more slowly than blood in the deep veins. Much of the blood that flows with the superficial veins is diverted right into the deep veins v the many connecting veins between the deep and superficial veins. Valves in the connecting veins permit blood to circulation from the superficial veins into the deep veins yet not angry versa.

The veins in the foot are specifically at hazard of blood clotting or swelling of the vein because when a human being is standing, blood must circulation upward from the leg veins, versus gravity, to with the heart.

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Superficial Venous Thrombosis
A blood clot Atherosclerosis use of certain drugs such as cocaine and also nicotine Viral epidemic such as Kawasaki disease

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