North Korea is located on the northern component of the oriental peninsula whose neighbouring countries are China and South Korea. That is often cited as the most militarized and most heavily guarded country in the world. However, travel to north Korea is not impossible if you monitor a strict protocol. North Korea’s biggest cities are house to more than fifty percent of the population. Urbanization has actually been extreme, specifically in the 1950s. The human being of this country is around 25 million human being spread end an area of 123,138 square kilometers. Today, populace movements are managed to protect against rural exodus.

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The biggest cities in north Korea

1. Pyongyang, the capital of the North

The resources of north Korea, Pyongyang is the largest city in the country and has a populace of about 2.87 million. The civilization of the build-up is estimated to it is in 3.47 million.

The traces of settlement would go ago as far as two thousand years BC. Transparent its history, the capital of north Korea has been the facility of numerous battles. During the 20th century, Pyongyang was, unfortunately, one of the peninsula’s cities most damaged through the korean War.

The capital is today a North korean economic, political and cultural center.

But Pyongyang is also an commercial city. Top top its agglomeration, the resources gathers different varieties of industries: light industries and also heavy industries.

Things to see in Pyongyang Besides, Pyongyang has actually several must-see sights such as may Day Stadium, the Tower of Juche and the Mansueto Hill. There is additionally the tomb of King Tongmyong, Kim-II-Sung Triumphal Arch or Yanggak Island Hotel Complex.

The definition of the surname Pyongyang is “quiet place”. A misleading term due to the fact that the nation is suffering tensions with few of its adjoining countries, such as Japan and South Korea.

2. Hamhung, among the biggest cities in north Korea

With one estimated populace of approximately 874,000 people and also stretching over virtually 330 square kilometers. Hamhung is, therefore, the second-largest city in phibìc Korea.

This city is the provincial resources of southern Hamgyong. It to be almost totally rebuilt after the battle of 1950 – 1953. This university city is also critical industrial center. Hamgyong is specialized in the textile and also chemical industries. In ~ the university level, the main techniques taught space Medicine and Chemistry.

What to see in Hamhung?

Visitors who very own the important permits can visit the city’s fertilizer factory (industrial tourism). But likewise the Hamhung theatre where the revolutionary opera troupe performs really regularly. Other locations of interest in the town are the stadium, the background museum, the exploration of the Songchon River and also why no an excursion to mount Tonhung.

3. Chongjin

Chongjin is the third-largest city in north Korea. According to the latest census, it has a populace of around 668,000. Located in north Hamgyong Province, Chongjin has initially to be a previous fishing town. That is currently one the the leading commercial centers and also a significant commercial harbor of north Korea.

The Chongjin an ar is one of North Korea’s “nature destinations”. Situated on the Sea the Japan, the Chilbo mountains are among the region’s traveler attractions. This mountain selection offers a panoramic see worthy of a postcard. That seduces the tourists by that beautiful waterfalls or by its atypically shaped rocks. It is in careful, however, with the strange laws and also crazy regulation of north Korea even if the rules room problematic, you have to respect them to the letter.

4. Nampo

This harbor city is situated on the shores that Korea Bay. This previous fishing town is stated to have around 367,000 citizens today. Plenty of industries are set up there, including shipyards dedicated in shipbuilding.

Located less than an hour’s journey from the capital, there are numerous points that interest. For example, the dam the the West Sea. A dam whose building and construction took five years. This building, five kilometers wide, protects the city native floods and ensures the watering of the region’s fields.

It would likewise be feasible to visit the Chongsan participating farm, i m sorry is located at the enntrance gate of the city. This large farm bring together numerous farming households who work on huge state farms.

Tourism in Nampo Close to the city is the Kangso warm springs. A walk follow me the river may be possible at some areas (see with the guide in fee of the visit). Finally, Nampo is a city whereby the burial places of Goguryeo (Tokhung district) space located.

5. Wonsan

Located in the southeast of phibìc Korea, Wonsan is a port city and also the provincial resources of Kangwon. It is a huge city v a population of about 363,000 people.

This city was founded approximately the 10th century during the Koguryu dynasty and also is this particular day the resting location of the party cadres and also some hand-picked workers.

Economically, in addition to the port activities, the city the Wonsan is home to industrial facilities specialized to textile production and also food processing.

In regards to tourism, Wonsan is just one of the leading destinations for sportsmen and also women. A couple of kilometers indigenous the city, girlfriend may have the ability to do part skiing on mountain Masik.

6. Sinuiju

Sinuiju is a border city through China. The is the provincial funding of north Pyongan Province, located in the northwest of north Korea.

The city has about 360,000 inhabitants. The is committed in textile, wood and metal industries.

Sinuiju in Korean method “new” Uiju. Simply because the brand-new city has been rebuilt a couple of kilometers from the historical city center.

7. Tanchon

The city the Tanchon is situated in south Hamgyong province in the central-eastern component of phibìc Korea. 3 hundred forty-five thousand people inhabit it.

Due to its wealthy mineral resources, Tanchon has countless industrial facilities.

Lead and also Zinc to make reservation are approximated at virtually three hundreds million tons. Over there are also magnesite and cobalt mines. Almost fifty percent of all the command extracted in north Korea comes from the Tanchon mines. It need to be provided that Tanchon is a large port city that straight overlooks the China Sea.

8. Kaechon

The city that Kaechon is situated in the south Pyongan province in the northwest the the country, not far from the Chinese border. It is estimated that around 319,500 civilization reside in Kaechon.

The main activity of the town is metallurgy and device tool manufacturing. This city is likewise known to house two prisons with rather strict detention conditions.

There are numerous monuments in Kaechon such together Changhamsong fortress and Songam cave.

9. Kaesong

The city of Kaesong is situated only seven kilometers native the borderline with southern Korea. It is located in north Hwanghae Province.

It has a populace of roughly 308,400 human being for a city with an area the 180 square kilometers.

The ups and downs that the phibìc Korean economy Note the visibility of a special economic zone developed in 2002 i beg your pardon welcomed international companies. These carriers were, in fact, solely South Korean. Complying with the resumption of nuclear tests and also the development of tensions between the two Koreans, Pyongyang bespeak South korean companies to leaving the zone. In 2016 the hundreds or so suppliers were ultimately “nationalized”, i beg your pardon would mark the finish of the certain economic area.

North Korea is one of the countries that possess atom weapons. However, the breakthrough of this technology takes location in adversity and also a climate that high tension.

Kaesong vital Korean cultural center Kaesong emerged during the Koryo kingdom a little much more than a thousand year ago. This particular day it is just one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the country. The traditional Korean style houses give the city a unique charm. Kaesong to be the historical capital of Korea. A town well known throughout the country for its monuments and historical places.

10. Sariwon

This North oriental city is situated in the southeast of the country. It is the provincial funding of north Hwanghae province and has a population of around 307,000.

Sariwon to be historically a railway junction ~ above the korean peninsula. After having actually experienced a significant development in ~ the really beginning of the 20th century, the city was almost completely razed come the ground by the US armed forces throughout the oriental War.

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Today Sariwon is a city specialized in the food industry. Indeed the city is located in a big basin of agricultural land.