What island is located around 240 miles off the southeastern coast of Africa?

Ilha de São Tomé

What is the piece of dried grassland on the southern border the Sahara Desert?


What is the broad level area that land?

A plain is a wide area of reasonably flat land . Levels are among the significant landforms, or species of land , on Earth. They cover much more than one-third the the world’s soil area .

How countless miles walk the Sahara desert cover?

pour it until it is full nearly every one of northern Africa, that measures around 3,000 mile ( 4,800 km) from eastern to west and between 800 and also 1,200 mile from north to south and has a full area of part 3,320,000 square mile ( 8,600,000 square km); the yes, really area varies together the desert expands and also contracts over time.

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Which is the biggest desert in south Africa?

Kalahari Desert

What is the largest desert in Africa?

The Sahara

What desert is discovered in the southern portion of Africa?

Namib Desert

What is the Sahel region in Africa?

The Sahel an ar of Africa is a 3,860-kilometre arc-like land massive lying come the immediate south that the Sahara Desert and stretching east-west throughout the breadth that the african continent.

What is the grassland in between the Sahara and also the Sahel call?


What space some lower areas of land?

Dozens that land areas of the planet sit listed below current sea level. The shortest land area is the coast of the Dead Sea Depression in Israel, Jordan and Syria. The is roughly 413 meter or 1355 feet listed below sea level.

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What is a huge flat elevated area that land?

plateau. A large area that elevated , flat land .

What considerable rainforest consist of a huge part of central Africa and also is almost fully surrounded through mountains?

Congo basin rainforest is the 2nd largest rainforest in the people after the one about Amazon. The Congo river container is situated in western equatorial component of central Africa. Top top the east of the container there is Rwenzori hill ranges, and Mitumba hills .

Was the Sahara once an ocean?

new research defines the ancient Trans- Saharan Seaway that Africa the existed 50 come 100 million years earlier in the an ar of the current Sahara Desert. The region now stop the Sahara Desert was once underwater, in striking comparison to the contemporary arid environment.

Where did all the sand in the Sahara desert come from?

whereby did the massive amount of the sand that forms the Sahara Desert come from ? The sand is primarily derived from weathering the Cretaceous sandstones in phibìc Africa. As soon as these sandstones were deposited in the Cretaceous, the area wherein they are currently was a shallow sea.

How deep is the sand in the Sahara?

The depth the sand in ergs different widely approximately the world, ranging from just a couple of centimeters deep in the Selima Sand paper of southern Egypt, to roughly 1 m (3.3 ft) in the Simpson Desert, and 21–43 m (69– 141 ft ) in the Sahara. This is much shallower 보다 ergs in primitive times were.