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Wondering what to fill for Jamaica? Keep reading to find out what to bring for her fun-filled beach vacation!


Jamaica packing List

Written by: Lily Kim


Table of Contents
Jamaica packing ListWhat to Wear in Jamaica: ClothingWhat come Wear in Jamaica: ShoesWhat come Wear in Jamaica: AccessoriesWhat to bring to Jamaica: Toiletries

Jamaica is recognized for its coast resorts, and the dress is mostly casual uneven you’re attending a location wedding that needs formalwear. You i will not ~ need much party apparel for nightlife even in Mo’ just or Ocho Rios, but try packing a selection of attire including the item below.

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What come Wear in Jamaica: Clothing



Paper Bag Linen trousers in Cabana Stripe


Opt because that light, breezy fabrics. Linen broad leg trousers or cropped pants space perfect if you favor a much more covered appearance if shorts of any material will certainly fly to present off your gorgeous legs!

These are the best linen garments items because that vacation!


Embroidered Eyelet Flutter Sleeve T-shirt in honey Brown


Since you’re on vacation, skip the tees and choose nice blouses and also tops in different sleeve lengths! Gorgeous blouses are constantly encouraged however avoid polyester. Rayon, viscose, and also 100% cotton room your best bet.


Vacay Isla de Culebra 2-Piece Dress


Same as with bottoms, look at for dresses in light fabrics. Stick come 100% file thin noodle or rayon for a cool and comfortable feel. 


Leith Ruched Sheath Dress

Whether a cute romper or a maxi dress, walk all out v color and vibrant prints. You going to Jamaica!

Shop our favorite take trip dresses!


Sociala Deep Plunge One item Monokini shower Suit


Jamaica is a stunning beach destination so bring two-three shower suits come rotate during your trip. For minimalist packers, opt for two pairs. Stay a suit one day, climate let it dried on the work you undertake your various other one.

From bikinis come one item bathing suits, these room our optimal picks!


Nike Dri-FIT Sleeveless Golf Polo


If you’re a golfer…


and will certainly be in Montego Bay, don’t forget to fill for the golf courses, which space the finest in the West Indies.

Under Armour has HeatGear, i beg your pardon helps world to continue to be cool, dry and light v fitted clothes that feels choose an extra class of skin. It’s appropriate for sun-sensitive people, and also also, for world who are worried about mosquitos.


What come Wear in Jamaica: Shoes


Slim dry Sandal flip Flop

Beach Shoes

Any beach or resort vacation needs flip flops because that the beach and also pool. This is a roundup of ours reader’s favorite flip flops!


Vionic remainder Kirra Brown Backstrap Sandal


Cute Sandals

Next, lug cute yet comfortable walking sandals for sightseeing and activities. Last, wedges space perfect for special occasions or else stick to dressy sandals.

What to Wear in Jamaica: Accessories



J.Crew Wide-Brim Packable Straw Hat


Sun Essentials

Don’t forget to take it a few stylish accessories such together cute sunglasses, fun beach tote, and sun hat – that’s for sure a must!

If you arrangement on snorkeling, bring your very own mask, especially if that your first time. It will make the suffer much more enjoyable than using an old rental. Us recommend this one!

These room snorkel tips because that beginners!


Shaka knot Earrings in Mustard Yellow

Costume Jewelry

NOTE: Don’t load expensive or beneficial jewelry. it’s not uncommon for hotel guests to report theft also when remaining at one upscale resort. Stick come costume jewelry. You can find Bali-style accessories, coconut-shells, and also bangles space sold alongside beaches or at tourist sites.


What to carry to Jamaica: Toiletries



Thinkbaby for sure Sunscreen SPF 50

Sun Protection

Good quality sunscreens through high SPF should be lugged to Jamaica, even though cheaper version are sold at gift shops.

Estee Lauder’s pocket-sized twin Wear waterproof concealer v mirror will cover little imperfections and dark one under the eye—even under sunscreen—without smudging or fading. L’Oreal’s extreme Liner is likewise water resistant for morning-to-night cat eyes (both in and also out of the pool).


4oz Insect Repellent

Bug Repellant

Avon’s Skin-So-Soft could protect exposed shoulders throughout an evening on the Tiki-lit patio, but likewise bring packets or swabs that Off! Or Repel an insect repellant to avoid mosquito bites.

For more insect repellant, shop our recommendations!

Jamaica Practicalities


Multi-purpose Rfid Organizer Holder


U.S. Dollars in little denominations
for tipping is recommended—even at all-inclusive resortsFor one affordable phone call option, use “Just Talk” call cards that can be bought v cash and are marketed at kiosks, newsstands and also pharmacies.ATMs deserve to be inadequate, for this reason be ready with travelers’ checks if necessary, and beware of surprise credit map fees if traveling.


The mystery to packing light is to produce the perfect travel capsule wardrobe which can conveniently fit right into a carryon suitcase with the aid of packing cubes come compress her clothing!


Jamaica travel Tips


Compass Rose mystery Bra Wallet

Jamaica is balmy year-round. Spring can be warm and breezy during late high season and an extremely hot and humid in summer through temperatures ranging from 22C – 31C or 71 F- 88F. March or early spring is a great time to travel
— prior to storms and then hurricane season, which lasts from June to so late November.Negril’s beaches room the pure best, Montego Bay and also Ocho Rios have actually the best resorts on the island, and also places favor Runaway Bay room quieter.Booking hotel move in advance is suggested to ensure a safe and convenient trip to your hotel.You have the right to expect that your baggage will be checked when exiting the country.

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What are your advice on what to wear in Jamaica? please comment!


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Author Bio: Lily one is a Canadian educator and also Vancouver-born nature enthusiast. When she isn’t functioning or traveling, she is most likely to be skiing, diving, or hill biking with her family.