Gone are the days of simply popping over to Canada for some shopping. Today, a expedition to Canada calls for breakthrough planning and also individual documentation, regardless of wright here you cross over. Detroit, Michigan, has two border crossings, both leading right into Windsor, a city located in Ontario, Canada. Whether you favor to travel by bridge or by tunnel, make certain that eexceptionally member of your Canada-bound party is all set.

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Ambassador Bridge

The Ambassador Bridge is located at 3400 W. Ft St., about two miles southwest of downtown Detroit. The bridge is the busiest international land crossing in all of The United States and Canada. You"ll have to soptimal and also present your passport or other identification to a border agent before you drive onto the bridge, which has 4 lanes and also is 1.6 miles lengthy. You"ll likewise need to pay a toll.

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel is located at 100 E. Jefferboy Ave. in downtown Detroit. It"s the just existing underwater global border crossing. After you go through defense checks over ground, you"ll drive dvery own into a tunnel that runs 75 feet below the surconfront of the Detroit River and also extends 5,160 feet, or just under one mile. If you"re in a automobile, you"ll pay a toll; buses and vehicles through attached trailers pay more than a solitary auto. Motorcycles aren"t allowed in the tunnel.

Passport Requirements

Eextremely perchild should have individual documentation to gain right into Canada, even if you"re traveling on a bus full of passengers. According to the U.S. Department of State, an Amerideserve to who is 16 or older must administer both proof of citizenship as well as proof of identification. This suggests presenting either a passport or both a government-issued photo ID and also a copy of his birth certificate to enter Canada. Children that are 15 or younger must have proof of UNITED STATE citizenship. Each son need to have actually either a passport or a copy of his birth certificate. If you"re planning to continue to be in Canada for longer than 180 days, you must also contact the Canadian Embassy to apply for a visa.

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If you"re a frequent traveler to Canada, you may use for the NEXUS trusted traveler regimen. To acquire a NEXUS card, submit an application and also proof of citizenship, along with a processing fee, and also submit to an intercheck out. If approved, you"ll receive a card that enables you go through a designated lane at the border crossing, where you"ll have an expedited protection examine. Children have the right to also enroll in NEXUS. Anyone with a criminal document might require extra documentation in enhancement to a passport; consult the Canadian Embassy if you have a criminal document to find out if you must get a waiver prior to entering Canada.