Singer. Songwriter. Composer. Pianist. Author. Neil Sedaka’s impressive sixty year career ranges from being one of the an initial teen popular music sensations of the 50’s, a tunesmith because that himself and also other artist in the 60’s, an worldwide superstar in the 70’s, remaining a constant force in writing and also performing presently. This is all thanks to the numerous songs he has written, performed, and also produced that continue to accumulate artists and audiences approximately the world.

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Neil Sedaka was born on march 13, 1939. Neil’s interest in music started at the young period of eight, when he would certainly listen come The Make-Believe Ballroom. It was not Rock and also Roll, however Classical music that would shape Neil into the musician the is today. By the moment he to be nine, he had already begun his intensive timeless piano training in ~ the call Juilliard college of Music attending both the Preparatory School and also the College. In ~ 16, Arthur Rubinstein voted Neil as The Best brand-new York High institution Pianist. Though Neil taken into consideration pursuing his Doctorate in music, Neil’s next choice became his favored vocation.

Eager to acquire acceptance indigenous his partner at Abraham Lincoln High School, Neil began performing rock N Roll outside of his classic training. In ~ this time, he would kind the Doo-Wop team The Tokens, in which castle would record two singles that would go on to be regional hits. But, it to be his introduction to his young neighbor Howard Greenfield, by Greenfield’s mother, that began one of the many prolific songwriting partnerships of the last half-century that marketed forty million records between 1959-1963.

Sedaka and Greenfield ended up being one that the original creators the the “Brill Building” sound in the late fifties and early sixties once they to be the an initial to sign with Don Kirshner and Al Nevins at Aldon Music. Aldon Music would certainly go ~ above to sign Neil Diamond, Carole King, and Paul Simon among many others, and also they became the facility of the popular music world.

Sedaka catapulted into stardom after Connie Francis taped his “Stupid Cupid.” She climate sang the theme tune Neil and Howard had actually written because that the 1960 MGM spring break classic, whereby the guys Are, which would be her greatest hit. Rhythm and blues stars Clyde McPhatter and LaVern Baker also scored hits through his songs. As a result of these hits, Sedaka was able to authorize a contract v RCA Victor together a writer and performer the his own material. Sedaka soon tape-recorded chart toppers “The Diary,” “Oh! Carol,” ” Stairway come Heaven,” “Calendar Girl,” “Little Devil,” “Happy birthday Sweet Sixteen,” “Next Door to An Angel,” and “Breaking up Is hard To Do,” songs that have come to be a component of peoples’ lives and can tho instantly take it listeners back to one-of-a-kind moments.

In 1964, the direction the American music readjusted drastically once The Beatles released The brother Invasion. It became an extremely hard for many male solo artist to proceed to go after their job in music. Due to his countless talents as a songwriter, Neil was able to prevail, creating hit songs for such artists including Frank Sinatra (The Hungry Years), Elvis Presley (Solitaire), Tom Jones (“Puppet Man”), The Monkees (When Love comes Knocking At your Door), and also The Fifth measurement (Workin’ top top a Groovy Thing).

Sedaka uncovered enormous popularity in the UK through the release of a trio of critically praised albums “Emergence”, “Solitaire” and also “The Tra-La Days room Over”. These albums recorded the attention of Elton John, that was speak the wave of his very own tremendous success. Teacher Elton would authorize Sedaka come his fledging new label Rocket Records and re-introduced Sedaka come American audiences. The two albums taped for Rocket, “Sedaka’s Back” in 1974 and “The Hungry Years” in 1975, came to be top offering albums globally. His comeback was further heralded by two of his songs co-written through Phil Cody; “Bad Blood” and the quintessential “Laughter in the Rain,” both getting to the #1 position on the music charts. “Breaking increase Is tough To Do” was re-released together a ballad in 1975, and made music history by becoming the very first song taped in two various versions by the exact same artist to with Number 1. Throughout this time, Captain and Tennille score a an international #1 hit and the Grammy for document of the Year v Sedaka/Greenfield’s “Love Will store Us Together”. The heat “Sedaka Is Back” deserve to be heard as the song fades out. Captain & Tennille would follow this up v the relax of “Lonely Night (Angel Face)”, a song Neil exclusively wrote the music and lyrics to, the hit #3 ~ above The Billboard warm 100 and #1 top top Billboard’s simple Listening chart.

In 1995, Neil take it a break from composing pop songs and turned his attention to timeless music because that the very first time because his days in ~ Juilliard. The an outcome was the acclaimed “Classically Sedaka”, wherein Neil adjusted classical melodies by Chopin, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Schummann, & Puccini and also crafted original lyrics because that each piece.

Neil has made plenty of television appearances throughout his career, consisting of being among the very first musical guests on “Saturday Night Live”, two NBC prime-time TV Specials & FOX’s struggle Television display American Idol, together a guest judge. Clay Aiken would perform Neil’s “Solitaire”, which experienced an unpreventable release, reaching #4 ~ above the warm 100 Singles chart, was one of the peak Selling Singles that 2004 and reintroduced Neil come a new generation of fans.

The accolades showered top top Neil Sedaka have actually been numerous. Sedaka has been inducted right into the Songwriter’s room of Fame, has had actually a street called after that in his hometown of Brooklyn, and also was given a star on the Hollywood go of Fame.

He got the Sammy Cahn Lifetime success Award native the national Academy of well-known Music / Songwriters room of Fame in ~ the organization’s 35th annual induction and awards ceremony in new York. Called for the former President of the Songwriters hall of Fame, this compensation is offered to individuals in recognition of your outstanding accomplishments in furthering the successes that songwriters.

Neil was presented with The Guinness Award because that his song “(Is This the method to) Amarillo”, together the best selling solitary of the 21st century in the UK, a track that was initially performed by Tony Christie in 1971.

Neil was honored through a tribute at Avery Fisher room at brand-new York’s Lincoln Center. “Neil Sedaka: 50 year of Hits”, a advantage for The Elton john AIDS Foundation, denote Neil’s songs, with performances by Connie Francis, Dion, Paul Shaffer, Natalie Cole, Clay Aiken, Renee Olstead, and Captain and Tennille. The evening was organized by Cousin Brucie Morrow and David Foster. Teacher Elton John and also Barry Manilow sent video clip tributes in their absence. In commemoration of his 50th Anniversary in show business, Neil exit the career-spanning retrospective “The critical Collection”, i m sorry debuted in ~ #22 on the Billboard Chart, historically showing up on The Billboard graph in every solitary decade dating earlier to the 1950s.

Neil to be awarded The Special international Award from The Ivors, honoring excellence in songwriting and was the range Club’s receiver of The silver Heart Award, because that his outstanding service to the music industry and his charitable work.

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Sedaka has been married for fifty-six year to his wife, Leba, and also they have two children: daughter Dara is a record artist and vocalist for television and radio commercials, and son Marc is a effective screenwriter in Los Angeles. Neil has three grandchildren, pair granddaughters Amanda and also Charlotte, and also a grandson, Michael.

Inspired by his grandchildren, Neil exit “Waking up is hard to Do”, a arsenal of Neil Sedaka access time that have been changed as children’s songs. “Waking increase is hard to Do” to be a family collaboration, in i beg your pardon Neil’s boy Marc adapted four of his father’s standard songs, and also Neil’s climate five-year-old granddaughters made their recording debut together his back-up vocalists. Due to the fact that the relax of the CD, Imagine publishing has started releasing a collection of books based upon these songs. In September 2010 saw the release of “Waking up Is tough to Do”. Its follow up, “Dinosaur Pet”, special Marc’s new lyric to “Calendar Girl”, peaked in ~ #3 on The brand-new York times Bestseller List.

Neil has actually returned to his timeless roots, composing his first symphonic item “Joie De Vivre”, and his first piano concerto “Manhattan Intermezzo”. Neil taped these two pieces through the Philharmonia Orchestra the London in ~ the well known Air Studios in London. “Manhattan Intermezzo” to be released top top 2013’s studio album “The actual Neil”, v Neil together the soloist. Renowned pianist Jeffery Biegel taped the concerto with The Brown college Orchestra in 2016, which was released on Naxos’ “Manhattan Intermezzo: American and British works for Piano and Orchestra”, which also included the works of Keith Emerson, fight it out Ellington & George Gershwin.

“I do It for Applause”, Neil’s recent studio album of twelve brand-new Sedaka songs and also the official release that “Joie De Vivre”. “The album is the culmination of sixty-four year of writing”, claims Neil. “This is a gift i was born with. My main objective is to constantly top the critical collection, raise the bar and also reinvent Neil Sedaka.”

Neil celebrated his 80th birthday this year, 60 years together a performer and received one Honorary Doctorate indigenous Moravian college in Bethlehem, PA. This songwriting symbol remains an active performer still playing his celebrated pop access time to marketed out audience worldwide.

This will no doubt add to his legend – the of a consummate musician, an particularly vocalist, and an ageless songwriting talent.