There’s a lot come be said for a vigorous walk through your dog after ~ a hefty rainstorm. The landscape appears refreshed, the waiting smells great, and you and your dog gain to unleash some cabin fever! As funny as that is to watch your dog splash and also play in the pool you encounter on her walk, part caution is advised. Relying on the bordering environment, those pools of standing water have the right to harbor some health and wellness hazards.

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Leptospirosis native puddles Leptospirosis organisms are bacteria that prosper in wet climates. Wild animals, particularly deer and also rodents, and some domesticated pets (cows, sheep and also pigs) have the right to be leptospirosis carriers. Although infected, these mammals maintain an excellent health while shedding leptospirosis organisms in their urine. Dogs can contract leptospirosis by drinking from water sources contaminated through urine indigenous an infected animal. Puddles the have formed from rain runoff absolutely qualify thus a source. A 2002 research on the prevalence of canine leptospirosis in the united States and also Canada revealed that disease prevalence correlates v the lot of rainfall. The an ext rain, the much more dogs diagnosed with leptospirosis1. Not all dogs come to be sick once exposed come Leptospirosism, however for those that do, the results have the right to be devastating. Leptospirosis many commonly causes kidney failure. Associated symptoms include lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss that appetite. The liver and also lungs are additionally targets for this disease. The diagnosis that leptospirosis is make via blood and also urine testing. Successful treatment is composed of antibiotics and supportive therapy such as supplemental fluids. The leptospirosis inoculation does a great job that protecting against this disease. Talk through your veterinarian about whether or no this vaccine provides sense offered where friend live and the nature of your dog’s extracurricular activities. Click here to learn more about leptospirosis and also your dogGiardia indigenous puddlesGiardia organisms space microscopic protozoa the live in ~ the minister tracts of a range of domesticated and wild animals. The infectious (contagious) creates are melted within the feces and also readily contaminate water sources. This is among the key reasons the is recommended the drinking hikers and backpackers drink only filtered water. A 2012 study documented that dogs who attend dog parks are much more likely come test positive for giardia than those who perform not to visit dog parks2.The most typical symptom caused by giardiasis in dog is diarrhea. Vomiting and also loss that appetite may also occur. The diagnosis is made via stool sample testing. A grasp of medications deserve to be used to escape the intestinal street of giardia. Metronidazole and also fenbendazole room the two most typically used. Click here to learn much more about giardia and your dog.Antifreeze puddlesConsumption of just a very tiny amount of antifreeze can have devastating consequences for dogs. Ethylene glycol, the energetic ingredient in antifreeze, causes acute, frequently irreversible kidney failure. Symptoms incorporate lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, weakness and also ultimately coma and/or seizures. The diagnosis is made based upon history, urine and blood testing. Unfortunately, even with aggressive therapy, plenty of dogs experiencing from antifreeze toxicity nothing survive.Until reasonably recently, antifreeze had actually a sweet taste rendering it every the more enticing come dogs and children. In 2012 antifreeze manufacturers were required to include a bittering certified dealer to their products. Also with the addition of a bitter taste, vigilance is required to prevent antifreeze toxicity. A little amount of antifreeze in ~ a puddle might not be sufficient to deter a thirsty dog from drinking. Antifreeze sources encompass open product containers and antifreeze leaks indigenous the undercarriage the vehicles. When with your dog, be certain to stop puddles that have created in and also around parking lots. Take residence messageMy goal in telling you around the potential hazards of puddles isn’t to to convince you to confine her dogs indoors. Heck, my dogs hike through me daily, rain or shine. Rather, my target is to boost your awareness so that you will be mindful about where your dog drinks as soon as out and around with friend (no parking lot of puddles!).

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I encourage friend to preserve awareness of the symptom of leptospirosis, giardiasis and antifreeze toxicity for this reason that, if observed, friend will seek veterinary attention right away. Concerns to ask your veterinarian

What symptoms need to I it is in watching because that after i’ve observed my dog drink from puddles?What must I execute if ns observe any of these symptoms?Are there certain places where I should be certain to prevent letting mine dog drink indigenous puddles?Should I consider the leptospirosis vaccine because that my dog?

If you have any type of questions or concerns, you should always visit or contact your veterinary -- they room your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of her pets.