Today, we room going to take it a closer look in ~ what colors do blue violet. That is incredibly easy to mix paints and make new colors to usage in your art.

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Aside native the major and secondary colors, girlfriend can also create tertiary colors like blue violet.

As an artist, it is necessary to know exactly how to produce different colour in the color wheel.

When friend think around the shade blue violet, what comes to mind? due to the fact that the color is rather dark, resembling violet, you may think of flower such together Violas or Verbena.

As we discuss this, you will likewise start come understand how colors react to one another and also how mixing them will make way for a whole new set of color you can use for your art.

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What two Colors do Blue Violet

As girlfriend know, blue-violet is a tertiary color. That is developed by mixing 2 colors: blue and also violet.

This is a given based upon the name, yet there are also some other means to create this color.

For instance, you have the right to mix straight red v blue, ensuring come add more blue 보다 red.


In interior design, blue violet is frequently used because that details in rooms, specifically in furniture, carpets, and artwork.

The color adds elegance come a room and also makes a room interesting.

There are additionally some houses that include blue violet come walls making use of wallpaper or paint for an included feminine vibe, specifically in children’s rooms.

Meaning of Blue Violet

The symbolic definition of blue violet is mostly around feminine elegance, vibrance, and mystery.

This shade represents modesty and humility, i m sorry are great values. Blue violet additionally signifies love or attention in a romantic relationship.


When looking at the shade blue violet, you can think that the 2 colors that make up its name. Blue, is a imperial color, and also violet is a secret color. Adding the 2 creates the tertiary color blue violet.

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Thanks because that joining us, and we hope that you learned some brand-new knowledge that can help you with your artwork. Now when who asks you “what colors make blue violet?” … You have the right to confidently price them.