Growing up, i was for this reason attached to Lassie that I wanted her come come live v me. I had very hard time understanding why that wasn’t possible. Ns truly loved Lassie for this reason much. We were one. Every trial and also tribulation she went through, ns went through. Every evil-doer she caught, ns caught. Every tender scene, I’d bawl waterfalls.

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Okay, i was only seven, but as one adult feather back, i now know the reason I felt therefore emotionally connected to Lassie was because she represented the love ns experienced and the adventures ns went v with Ebony, my real-life canine ideal friend. Whether it was building snow forts, bicycling with a wheat field, or digging a feet to China, Ebony was constantly by my side v a tail that never stopped wagging.

Well, Lassie’s getting some new competition from the location character of john Grogan’s acclaimed novel Marley & Me. Grogan’s Marley reminds me so lot of my beloved Ebony—an ordinary, free-spirited, fun-loving dog that would role over if I claimed “Sit” and shake a paw if I stated “Heel”—that i can’t aid loving him.

An prompt bestseller, Marley & Me chronicles the life that Grogan and also his wife, Jenny, v their neurotic 97-pound Labrador Retriever together the dog crashes through display doors, steals women’s undergarments, chews increase couches, and aids neighbours in distress. “On one level,” says Grogan, “my publication is about a couple with a dog, but on one more level, it really explores a pair trying to number out what’s important in life and also what yes, really matters on our journey. This big crazy dog really led united state to realize the the genuine goal is happiness and also you find that in ~ home and you uncover that with your family.”

It no take long for Hollywood studios to get wind that the renowned book and want to it is adapted it into a film. “We were on vacation,” Jenny recalls, “and John’s phone call didn’t stop ringing with various studios all trying to reduced a movie deal for the book.” The pair finally chose to offer Fox 2000 the legal rights to do the film version.

Directed by David Frankel (The adversary Wears Prada & HBO’s Sex & the City), Marley & Me boasts a star-studded cast with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston together John and also Jenny Grogan, Eric Dane as John’s ideal friend, Sebastian Tunney, Alan Arkin as John’s boss Arnie Klein, and also Kathleen Turner as the stern dog-trainer, Ms. Kornblatt.

The film follows the Grogans indigenous their marriage in 1989 v to the fall of 2004. Girlfriend witness their struggle of balancing marriage, career, and also family, but when castle visit an pet rescue to take on a dog, the love of the story yes, really begins. ~ falling in love v the one dog branded as a “clearance dog,” they take him home and also name that Marley.

In in between chewing increase the Grogans’ garage, failing obedience school, and eating Jenny’s gold necklace, Marley offers comfort for the couple. He is there v his unconditional assistance not only once Jenny miscarries her very first child but likewise when your three children are born and the chaos the a cultivation family ensues.

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The story has a wide appeal, according to Aniston. “You think it’s a kids’ movie or a dog movie but it’s a lot more than that. I made that presumption until I had actually my love ripped out. That marriage. That children. It’s career. That ego. It’s success versus failure. All of these points that ns think universally influence people in ~ some allude in a relationship.”

For Frankel, working with comedic talent like Wilson and also Aniston was “the luck of the draw.” “You placed two brilliant movie stars together and they spark in a thrilling way,” that says.

The 2 stars took pleasure in working together on Marley & Me. “Owen is just great,” claims Aniston. “He’s so good at his job, he’s so professional, he’s such a generous actor. We have actually so much fun playing off each other and also I think this is a really great role for him, too. He has some moments that are simply really special.” Wilson also had nothing yet praise because that his co-star. “All she instincts on exactly how to pat the character simply seem like exactly the means when I read the script. The means I imagine it is the stuff the she does. And also then, stuff that is better than you imagined.”

Both Wilson and Aniston room avid dog lovers and brought their own dogs, Garcia and also Norman, on set every job to join in ~ above the fun. Aniston’s dog, Norman, even made his first cameo throughout a beach scene in the film.

The actual canine stars, though, room the 22 dogs that portray Marley from puppy to adulthood. “You know, they constantly say, ‘whatever girlfriend do, don’t work-related with babies and animals,’” laughs Aniston. “We’ve gained babies. We’ve obtained puppies. We’ve obtained grown-up dogs. We’ve obtained old dogs.... It’s to be a ball and also nothing but fun.”

In total, there were eight trainers working v the eleven puppies, 5 young adult dogs, and three seniors who play Marley. Trainer beam Beall explains that, unlike numerous dog movies, Marley & Me reflects dogs behaving prefer normal dogs.

“In the movie, dogs acquire to be dogs,” that says. “They don’t need to be pets acting together humans.” other trainer mark Forbes adds: “Preparing because that this movie was practically anti-training. The dogs acquired to no only simply be a dog, however the most unruly, untrainable, out-of-control dog there ever was.”

Once shooting to be wrapped, the course, there were eleven puppies who required homes. “We had a perform as lengthy as your eight of civilization who want to take on them,” states Forbes. Those that wanted a Marley puppy had to happen a house check. Puppies went residence with number of Fox executives and also with the Grogans, and also even Jennifer Aniston included a new Marley puppy to she family.Marley & Me is due the end in theatres this winter. Or wait until you deserve to rent it and watch that at house snuggled up through your very own Marley.