Four friends, Rocky, Rooney, David, and also Sam split a donut equally among themselves. Sam asked, "What portion of the donut do I have?" Rocky replied, " One fourth." Sam asked again, "Is it possible to compose it in a type that has actually denominator 1?".

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Let us help Sam solve his ask in mere couple of minutes.

This section focuses on representing \( \frac14 \) together a decimal in addition to some interaction examples and also questions on the representation of \( \frac38 \) as a decimal, \( \frac23 \) as a decimal, and also decimal to fraction conversion. Carry out not forget to try practice questions at the finish of the page for a rapid fun revision.

Lesson Plan

1.What is 1/4 together a Decimal?
2.Important notes on 1/4 as a Decimal?
3.Think the end of Box!
4.Solved examples on 1/4 together a Decimal
5.Interactive inquiries on 1/4 as a Decimal

What is 1/4 together a Decimal?

When we convert a portion into decimal form, we transform it into a number that has denominator 1. Therefore the molecule takes a kind that has actually a decimal in it.

The decimalform of\(\dfrac14\,\) is 0.25

Let's see exactly how to gain that.

How to adjust ¼ together a decimal

The fraction\(\dfrac14\,\)can be convert to a form with denomiator 1 by detect its decimal form.

To acquire the decimal form of \(\dfrac14\,\), various methods have the right to be used.

Method 1

In this method, we use lengthy division.

Here, molecule = 1 and Denominator = 4. Let's divide 1 by 4



\(\dfrac14=0.25.....\textDecimal form\)

We can use this an approach forconverting any fraction to decimal form.

Method 2

The other method is to transform the portion into the equivalent portion with denominator together a strength of 10

The first power that 10 is 10 which is nota lot of of 4. So, let's look at the second multiple, 100, i m sorry is a lot of of 4

In thefraction\(\dfrac14\), denominator = 4


\beginalign \dfrac14&=\dfrac1\times 254\times 25\\&=\dfrac25100\endalign

Now, observe that there are 2 zeros in the denominator.

So, there will certainly be two digits ~ decimal in the numerator.


Similarly, if us havethefraction\(\dfrac38\), us can convert it right into decimal by converting it into its equivalent portion with denominator 1000

\beginalign \dfrac38&=\dfrac3\times 1258\times 125\\&=\dfrac3751000\\&=0.375\endalign

We have the right to even convert a decimal to fraction. For this, we consider the variety of digits ~ the decimal.

Example: take 0.65. There room two digits after the decimal.

\beginalign 0.65&=\dfrac65100\\&=\dfrac1320\endalign



Example 1

Harry is struggling come express\(\dfrac23\,\) together decimal. Deserve to you help him by using long department method to convert a fraction to decimal?


As denominator is 3, which is no a aspect of 100, we will certainly convert\(\dfrac23\,\) as a decimal by lengthy division.


The quotient is 0.6666.....= \(0.\overline6\cdot\cdot \)Digit 6 is recurring right here as the remainder is walking on repeating.

So, us round turn off 0.6666..... To 0.67 (rounding off upto 2 decimal places).

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Example 2

Mia wants to express\(\dfrac38\,\) as a decimal number using lengthy division. Help her to with the exactly answer.