For nine years, Shay “Shay Carl” servant was one of YouTube’s many prominent household vloggers. On the Shaytards channel, Butler and his wife Colette shared their stays as castle reared five youngsters together.

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In 2016, butler announced the he would start a break from the Shaytards vlog on march 5, 2017, but less than a month prior to he reached the begin of the hiatus, he discovered himself in ~ the facility of a significant scandal. In February, adult webcam performer Aria Nina revealed the Butler had sent her explicit messages and videos of self masturbating. In response to the news, servant revealed the return that his alcoholism, tweeting that it had “manifested itself earlier into life.” The Shay Carl and Shaytards channels automatically fell silent.

Nine month later, Butler has actually returned come YouTube, and he is to make amends for his past and also start fresh. In a five-minute vlog, he apologized for his indiscretions, and vowed to return to videomaking. “I’m sorry,” he stated “I take full responsibility, and also I love mine family an ext than noþeles else. I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t have actually a large comeback plan, i don’t have a huge idea or a internet series, ns don’t expect any type of of friend to forgive me. I just want to begin fresh and also not feel favor a scum.”


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For Butler, that once organized one of the longest streaks of consecutive day-to-day vlogs on YouTube, the journey to publicly forgiveness starts with a solitary clip. His apology video clip has received an ext than 1.3 million views, and he has because published a follow-up that details his endure in rehab.

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As because that the rest of the Shaytards, it seems they too room hoping to relocate on native the past. Colette recently article a personal vlog of she own, in i m sorry she discusses her very own plans walking forward. “I love and I love Shay,”she stated in the video, “and we’re working v it. We’re law the best we can, acquisition it at some point at a time, and I can’t wait come share it v you.”

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