We to apologize that among the photos used because that this devotion contained a marijuana plant. Us were not mindful of that until numerous readers brought it come our attention. Please know that scriptures Love note does not promote or approve of marijuana use. We’re genuinely sorry because that this error. The snapshot has been removed and replaced, yet it may show up on social media if rather posted it prior to that change. If you would choose to check out the use of to chat pot indigenous a biblical perspective, i recommend this resources:Should followers of Christ use Marijuana?andMarijuana come the Glory of God?andWhat walk the holy bible Say around Recreational Marijuana Use?

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"Don’t use words too big for the subject. Don’t to speak "infinitely" once you average "very"; otherwise you’ll have actually no word left as soon as you want to talk about something really infinite." ~ C.S. Lewis

Lewis taken a usual writing and also speaking mistake: using large words when straightforward ones will do and using God-descriptive superlatives too liberally.Awesome is probably the most misused. We use it because that a delicious hamburger, for a love one, because that a vacation—and because that God.Are us crazy using the exact same superlative because that God and hamburgers?The meaning of awesome: extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring an excellent admiration, apprehension, or fear. Synonyms: breathtaking, awe-inspiring, staggering...I don"t think anyone or anything is truly awesome other than God.Wonderful, yes. Awesome, no.Maybe it"s no important, however I view our Christian culture growing much more in awe the ourselves and less in awe of God. and also I wonder if we"ve grown to believe that "awesome" uses to points it doesn"t.Sometimes wording matters.

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