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Part of what made Amerideserve to Chopper such an excellent Discoextremely Channel TV present was watching the talented crew at Oarray County Choppers churn out quality practice bikes. One of the youngest on the team at the time, Cody Connelly, continually confirmed that he had actually what it took to end up being a rock-solid worker, despite his lack of endure.

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It’s been fairly some time now given that Cody, now 33, left OCC back in 2007. Eincredibly now and also then, you would check out the American motorcycle builder pop back up with appearances on Amerideserve to Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, helping out Paul Teutul Jr. and Vinnie Dimartino at Paul Jr. Designs (PJD), however tright here hasn’t been too many kind of various other tv appearances. That’s why we’re going to look at how he got his begin, where he ended up after leaving OCC, and also how much he’s worth this day.

Cody Connelly’s Career

Cody flourished up in New York and was elevated by his paleas, Sean Connelly and also Darci Dembeck. He acquired the itch for motorcycles at the young age of 5. His initially bike was an XR-50, and his father showed him firsthand also how to maintain it. This is essentially wbelow Cody’s passion first developed.

He was still attending Valley Central High School in New York when he acquired his first project at Oarray County Choppers in 2001. During that time, he additionally attended the Amerideserve to Motorcycle Institute (AMI), where OCC extended the tuition fee as part of his training. Because of that, after finishing AMI and also graduating high institution in 2005, he continued to work for Paul Teutul Sr. at the motorcycle shop.

In beforehand 2003, before the first episode of the show also aired, Cody was connected in the style and assisted construct a practice bike well-known as “The Cody Project.” The bike was inevitably sold, and also it was collected throughout that year’s Daytona Beach Bike Week, which was checked out in the reality show on the 6th episode of the initially seaboy.

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By 2007, tright here was lots of drama at the shop. People were leaving left and also best, arguments happened everyday, and eventually, Cody had actually enough. He left OCC to start functioning for his former colleague Vincent Dimartino, who’s likewise known for his various other practice shop called V-Force Customs. Vinnie and also Cody were former workers at OCC, and they always acquired alengthy great, so the change wasn’t all that surprising at the time. Today, he deserve to still be uncovered at both Vinnie’s shop and Paul Jr.’s shop as a fabricator, proceeding to execute what he loves.

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Things turned a bit sour after Cody filed a lawsuit versus Orange County Choppers, seeking misappropriation of likeness, breach of contract, and also fraud. He additionally included that he never before received “an old-institution chopper” that he assisted architecture, regardmuch less of Paul Sr. providing it to him in the time of among the episodes. The case was ultimately settled in 2011, and also all charges have actually been dropped.

Cody Connelly’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the American motorcycle builder has actually an estimated net worth of about $200,000. Not too poor for a man that gets to occupational around his passion and through his best friend eextremely day!