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Part the what made American Chopper such a great Discovery Channel TV show was the town hall the talented crew at Orange county Choppers churn out quality custom bikes. One of the youngest on the team at the time, Cody Connelly, continually proved that he had what it took to end up being a rock-solid worker, regardless of his absence of experience.

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It’s been rather some time now due to the fact that Cody, currently 33, left OCC earlier in 2007. Every now and then, you would watch the American motorcycle builder pop back up through appearances on American Chopper: senior vs. Junior, helping out Paul Teutul Jr. And also Vinnie Dimartino at Paul Jr. Draft (PJD), however there hasn’t to be too countless other television appearances. That’s why we’re going come look at exactly how he got his start, where he finished up after ~ leaving OCC, and also how much he’s worth today.

Cody Connelly’s Career

Cody prospered up in new York and was raised by his parents, Sean Connelly and Darci Dembeck. He obtained the itch for motorcycles in ~ the young age of five. His very first bike to be an XR-50, and his father confirmed him firsthand just how to preserve it. This is basically where Cody’s passion very first developed.

He to be still attending Valley main High institution in new York when he obtained his first job at Orange county Choppers in 2001. Throughout that time, he also attended the American Motorcycle academy (AMI), wherein OCC extended the tuition fee as part of his training. Since of that, ~ finishing AMI and graduating high college in 2005, he continued to job-related for Paul Teutul Sr. At the motorcycle shop.

In beforehand 2003, before the very first episode of the present even aired, Cody was connected in the design and also helped develop a custom bike known as “The Cody Project.” The bicycle was at some point sold, and also it was collected during the year’s Daytona beach Bike Week, which was seen in the reality present on the sixth episode that the very first season.

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By 2007, over there was loads of drama at the shop. People were leave left and also right, disagreements happened everyday, and eventually, Cody had enough. He left OCC to start working for his previous colleague Vincent Dimartino, who’s additionally known for his various other custom shop called V-Force Customs. Vinnie and also Cody were previous workers in ~ OCC, and also they always got follow me great, for this reason the change wasn’t all the surprising in ~ the time. Today, he have the right to still be found at both Vinnie’s shop and also Paul Jr.’s shop as a fabricator, continuing to do what that loves.

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Things rotate a bit sour after ~ Cody filed a lawsuit versus Orange ar Choppers, search misappropriation that likeness, breach the contract, and fraud. He also included that he never received “an old-school chopper” the he helped design, regardless of Paul Sr. Offering it to him throughout one that the episodes. The situation was eventually cleared up in 2011, and all charges have actually been dropped.

Cody Connelly’s network Worth

According come Celebrity network Worth, the American motorcycle builder has an estimated net worth of around $200,000. Not too poor for a man that gets to work about his passion and with his best friend every day!