If you're wondering wherein to purchase pumpkins for your loss decorating (and baking) needs, these in-person and also online retailers have actually you covered.

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Farmers Markets

Your neighborhood farmers sector is most likely winding under in the fall (unless the year-round), however if you stop by during its last couple of weeks, opportunities are there will be several pumpkins and also gourds. Plus, girlfriend can get your hand on some delicious fall produce, choose apples, cranberries and figs.

Autumn Harvest Pumpkins

Can’t find any type of pumpkins locally? fall Harvest Pumpkins enables you come buy pumpkins online, and also they’ll ship them anywhere within the US. They market several arrays of pumpkins, and your bespeak will frequently arrive in about a week.

Local Nurseries

Your neighborhood nursery or garden facility will likely have actually pumpkins easily accessible come fall. They often partner with local farms to get the freshest gourds available, and also while you’re there, you deserve to pick up part festive mums for her porch or another houseplant to include to her collection.


Your regional Lowe’s will likely have plenty that pumpkins in your garden facility throughout the autumn season. You’ll have to buy lock in-store, together they’re not obtainable for shipping. When you’re there, you deserve to pick increase other loss decor.


You can often score good deals on pumpkins in ~ your neighborhood Costco or other warehouse-style retailer. Just keep in mind that these stores typically require a membership, and also there’s no guarantee that specific products will be easily accessible at a specific location.


Walmart is an additional big-box retailer that stocks up on pumpkins during the fall. Your jumbo pumpkins are appropriate for holiday displays, carving and also cooking, but you do have to buy them in-store.

Home Depot

While it might not be the very first place friend think come buy holiday decor, house Depot usually sells much more than a million pumpkins every year. Examine out the garden center at her local residence Depot to view what they have for a selection, and grab the provides for a funny DIY job while you there.

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