Recently, I decided to acquisition as numerous brands the strike anywhere matches together I could in order to find the ideal strike all over matches obtainable today. However, I quickly realized something when looking for them online and in stores:

Almost all brands that strike all over matches have been discontinued.

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Among others, Ohio Blue Tips, Penley Strike everywhere Matches, and UCO Strike everywhere Matches have all to be discontinued. The only brand widely obtainable in the US right now is Diamond Greenlight Strike all over Matches.

Curiosity ultimately got the finest of me, and also I determined to research why so numerous brands were discontinued. Below are the top two theories i uncovered.

Theory #1: high-quality Shipping costs Made It difficult to make a Profit

This theory has some hard evidence to earlier it up. After no finding any type of UCO Strike anywhere Matches online, ns emailed industrial Revolution, the an equipment of UCO products, come ask wherein I can find them.

Here is the solution I got:


Turns out, FedEx and UPS both perform strike all over matches under their “dangerous goods” lists and also charge hazmat shipping fees to ship them. USPS doesn’t allow them come be shipped at all, and also the UN even classifies them as dangerous products (UN 1331).

(Before you start thinking the it doesn’t make sense to divide strike everywhere matches together dangerous goods, read around why I’ll never buy strike everywhere matches digital again.)

So, at least one brand that strike all over matches was undoubtedly discontinued due to expensive shipping fees. If Industrial change was gift charged $35 to ship each box, I might imagine that their benefit margins to be razor slim to nonexistent. Eventually, it appears they decided it was also costly to manufacture your UCO Strike anywhere Matches and also stopped. Other manufacturers can have excellent the same.

Theory #2: The Matches to be Outlawed since They were Hazardous Material… or because They Were supplied to do Bombs and Meth?

Many online forum threads about strike everywhere matches have actually comments like this one:

“I was told that because of ‘provisions’ in the ‘Patriot Act’… the are being discontinued as result of their nature, being able to ‘light’ fairly easily, they are now thought about to be ‘hazardous material’?”

I have actually researched insurance claims of strike everywhere matches gift illegal in the US and have to be unable come find any kind of substance to them. Ns emailed Jarden residence Brands, the maker of Diamond Greenlight Strike all over Matches, and — despite me questioning them straight — they made no mention of strike everywhere matches gift outlawed anywhere in the US. They told me they tho manufacture Diamond Greenlights:


Also, castle told me which shop in the US right now carry Diamond products:


So, strike everywhere matches space still legal to manufacture and also sell in the US. It appears they have actually not been banned by the Patriot plot or any kind of other piece of legislation.

An amazing twist on this theory is the the matches to be banned not due to the fact that they to be hazardous material, but for another reason altogether. One that involves bombs and also meth.

Let me explain:

Phosphorous is one of the reactive ingredients that reasons matches come ignite. Yet it isn’t used just for matches. The military uses phosphorous in part munitions. Also we understand from Breaking bad that meth producers source phosphorous native matches:

For safety and security matches, phosphorous is uncovered on top top the striking surface as Walter White describes in the video. However, because that strike almost everywhere matches, phosphorous is found on the complement head.

Is it possible that, because the phosphorous is uncovered on the enhance head in strike everywhere matches, that is simpler to distill because that someone who desires to use it to make bombs or meth? go lawmakers become mindful of this and outlaw the matches together a result?

No. I can discover no evidence of any type of sort sustaining this claim, just rumors on online forums. You can still buy Diamond Greenlight Strike anywhere Matches in numerous stores across the country. And, as Industrial transformation told me, there space still part packs the UCO Strike all over Matches in ~ Academy and also Cabela’s.

Conclusion: high-quality Shipping Costs show up to have actually Been the death of Strike almost everywhere Matches… but Can we Revive Them?

Based on my research, I think that so countless brands that strike almost everywhere matches have been discontinued due to the fact that of the high expenses of shipping them. Because that a product together cheap together matches, it’s easy to imagine that an high value shipping fee would wipe the end your already little profit margins.

However, strike all over matches still appear to be legal to manufacture and sell. Maybe one day they’ll come to be widely easily accessible again. Because that this come happen, the price consumers would certainly be ready to pay per box would have to increase come cover the shipping costs incurred through manufacturers. Once the matches become lucrative to make and sell again, they might find there means back to store shelves.

But is that really likely?

I say no.

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According to Google Trends, attention in the phrase “strike almost everywhere matches” has slowly decreased over time. If this trend continues and most human being lose attention in these matches, it’s difficult to imagine suppliers making an initiative to carry them back.