Whether you"re a fan of rock, country, electronic, or people there is always something special about seeing several of your favorite music performed live. In an arena setting, there room thousands that fans with a love and also passion for the music being played. Unlike sporting activities there aren"t any lead changes, injuries, or intense moments, yet instead there is an energy and also enthusiasm that creates one of my favourite atmospheres.

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Sold out shows deserve to sometimes have just as much energy and excitement as the many intense playoff games, however where friend sit does do a difference on the suffer you"ll get.

So her favorite artist announced they"re comes to a city close to you, or probably you"re travel to view them, where perform you sit? Concerts have the right to be an extremely pricey, and also making certain you gain the endure you are trying to find is important.

The Floor

Best for: Die-hard fans, being close come the artist(s), finest memories

No issue who is performing, there will nearly always it is in a floor section. The floor is normally where a hockey or basketball video game would be played throughout a sporting event. During a concert, the area is converted right into seating. Due to the fact that this area is not a irreversible structure the the venue, it is additionally the most customizeable area and also changes depending upon the performer.

For most standard concerts, the phase will be inserted at one end of the floor v seats acquisition up the remainder of the area. Floor sections space for the biggest fans the the artist and these fans want to be together close together possible. They are several of the many expensive seats therefore as well. If you room on the much shorter side, be cautious when to buy floor seats. There is not elevation on the floor, so together the rows walk further ago there will be much more fans to complete with for vision lines.

For this show, the floor is composed of numerous seated sections. The seats space portable and can adjust for each concert in the arena.

For numerous pop, hefty rock, and country artists the floor will have general admission sections closest come the stage. These sections will certainly not have any type of seats in them, however instead space intended for fans to stand as they dance, jump, and also enjoy the concert. When this flexibility can be great, it is not for everyone. If you acquire a basic admission ticket ~ above the floor, be prepared to acquire there early for the finest views. Also, be ready to be an extremely close to other fans as these sections have the right to be tightly packed.

Similarly, some concerts will certainly not have any kind of seats ~ above the floor, yet instead simply open up the area together a general section. This setup permits fans with tickets to was standing wherever lock would prefer in the section, giving them regulate over the distance and angle to the stage. While this is a good advantage, fans v GA Floor tickets must be all set to stand for the whole show.

Best Venues come Sit on the Floor

B-Stages and also Runways

To be closer to an ext fans, plenty of artists will certainly travel with a custom stage that is set up and taken under every night of the show. This have the right to be in the form of a runway that takes them to the facility of the floor, or an completely separate stage that is placed somewhere else on the floor.

Justin Timberlake"s "Man of the Woods" tour functions a winding runway. While he spent many of his time top top the main stage, he would certainly run up and also down the phase to gain close to numerous fans. For a couple of songs he even played ~ above the end closest to whereby this photo was taken.

These separate stages room usually called "B-Stages" and also "Runways". Girlfriend will see them most frequently located ~ above the opposite end of the floor. Performers use these step to obtain closer to the pan at the opposite side of the arena and play a pair songs to produce memorable experiences because that them.

While most of the concert will still it is in on the key stage, sometimes just having a couple songs ideal in former of friend is all you will require for those close-up memories while saving on the price the the ticket. If floor seats or reduced level part close to the stage are a small outside her budget, look because that sections closer to the secondary stage.

Upper Levels

Best for: reduced budgets, soaking up the atmospheres, seeing the complete production


If you"re looking in ~ the seats closest to the stage and also experience sticker shock, you"re not alone. The lowest priced tickets are practically always in the top levels in ~ arena shows. This is as result of their distance from the stage. Don"t let this make you think that it"s impossible to have actually a good experience in this seats. In fact, few of my favorite concert moments have been in these locations of the stadium. Bigger artists play arenas normally have huge productions and have gotten great at bringing in every member that the audience no matter how far away. This consists of lights, video boards, and sometimes also wristbands that light approximately the music, make concert goers themselves part of the show.

Depending ~ above the show, this seats are most likely to see a sit crowd, but it varies every show. If you space someone who likes to stand and also dance throughout the show, be mindful of this, as other fans may obtain upset through you because that blocking your view. Top top the upper and lower reversal side, if you want to have the ability to sit the entire show, watch in this sections as they room usually the last to stand.

Behind the Stage

For part shows, girlfriend will notice seats that are being marketed on the next or behind the stage. Often times these will certainly be connected with minimal or obstructed views of the stage. The upside to these seats is that you can frequently get an extremely close come the stage at a much lower price. However, there space several factors for this. Come start, the artists on stage will do to where the majority of the group is sit which is in the opposite direction of this seats.

These seat are extremely close to the phase and likewise come at a short price. So, what"s the catch? The performer will certainly be playing to the majority of the audience in the opposite direction. There are additionally band members, lights and also screens the may obtain in the method of your watch at times.

The best complaint because that fans sitting in this location is the they felt removed from the show which is why it comes at a lower price point. There is also the possibility that the artist will have a setup v screens, instruments, or props on stage that make it more difficult to see for fans on the next or behind the stage. To readjust for this, there space typically video screens located for the fans, however it creates a much different atmosphere contrasted to the intention of the production.

If you are worried around being completely ignored in these seats, understand that performers generally make their best effort to include everyone in the audience. Because that fans behind the phase they will normally come roughly during a song and give these fans some attention. If you are someone who simply needs to check out a song or two really close, these could be the perfect alternate without having actually to reach too much into the wallet. Among the most renowned shows that always has behind the stage seating is Billy Joel"s residency shows at Madison Square Garden.

Center Stage

If you view the stage in the middle of the floor section this is referred to as a center stage. Countless times, famous artists will set up their phase in the facility of the floor and also sell tickets in every section of the arena to permit as many world to watch the concert as possible. This pipeline many civilization confused together they space unsure which way the artist will be performing and also are worried around being behind the action. Commonly for center stage mirrors the artists carry out their best to do their means around to do on every sides the the stage. Periodically the display can be an innovative and also feature a rotating stage so that all areas of the arena are treated equal.

This is a facility stage setup in ~ Amalie Arena. Seats the would generally be behind the stage no longer have actually that designation.

This does produce a bit of a difference for the long-term seats when contrasted to an finish stage setup. V a facility stage, the sit sections in the center of the arena (same as mid court or facility ice sections) will certainly be the best and also closest seats. With center stage shows there are no longer any type of seats taken into consideration behind the stage. Seats that would be behind the phase for an finish stage present would bring equivalent see to the seat on opposing ends.

Head on Views

If proximity isn"t of height importance come you, some fans like to have actually a head-on see to the stage. A head-on view means that your seats will certainly directly confront the stage and you will certainly not have to turn her head or human body to check out the performance. Due to the fact that most arenas are set up for sporting events, many side sections will need you to adjust to watch the stage. If you want to stop this you can use a filter on our website to find seats with the "Head-on" designation.

No issue where girlfriend sit, or who you see, the is most crucial to have fun and also enjoy the music. Most artists only come roughly once every pair of years so it is necessary to make the ideal of the night.

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No issue where you sit at this concert, this massive video screens will assist you see. This helps even the furthest seat feel prefer a more intimate experience.

Every concert is different and also each artist has a unique way of getting to their audience. If the locations described over will fit most arenas lock won"t always fit every show. Part artist will obtain on flying stages, rather will use cell phones as an interactive part of the show. No matter where friend sit over there is only one facet that is the many important. Have actually FUN!