Why execute most guys wear your watch on the left wrist? The common theory is that it’s due to the fact that 90 every cent of civilization are right-handed and also therefore desire to wear it on the non-dominant left to stop damaging the or – an ext simply– to prevent it gaining in the way.

Most watches have actually their crown ~ above the appropriate of the dial at 3 o’clock, i beg your pardon is easily adjusted with the ideal hand if the watch is worn on the left. If the crown sits on your ideal hand, you’d need to contort the finger of her left hand to discover it.

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One right-handed colleague explains his reason for put on a watch on his left wrist: “My right is my functioning hand so i wear my clock on the left to save it the end of the way when I’m utilizing the phone.” another right-handed colleague agrees, “I desire my right hand totally free to usage a pen without any weight.”

This is not constantly the case, however. A left-handed girlfriend wears his watch on the left, his dominant hand, i beg your pardon goes against the theory stated above. A pal of mine who’s right-handed chooses to wear his timepiece ~ above the best wrist to avoid it clashing with his silver wedding ring ~ above his left hand and additionally because that operates a computer mouse with his left hand and gets “fed up with the clanking the my steel watch bracelet.”


Audemars Piguet ceo Francois-Henry Bennahmias chooses right, while actor Don Cheadle opts because that the left

Another right-handed colleague revealed how he wore his watch on his ideal wrist because that years however recently switched. “Someone who knows about watches education me and told me it was ‘improper’ come wear that on the right wrist,” the grins. “It makes sense if you look at the position of the crown on the right of the dial, because you can’t reach it with your left hand.”

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Fred Watrelot is Sotheby’s senior watch specialist based in Dubai and adds to the controversy by explaining, “I think this is largely a question of taste and also comfort. Most people wear their watch on your less energetic arm. The the town hall worn on the most energetic arm have tendency to show much more signs that wear and tear. Traditionally, wristwatches have been designed for right-handers who statistically represent a larger component of humanity. This is why the crowns of almost all watches are at the 3 o’clock position, which allows you to use the crown v your right hand when the watch is on your left wrist. However, much more and much more brands are producing models that cater come left-handers v the crowns and also pushers at 9 o’clock for optimal left-handed use.”

As with so countless questions of style, taste and also comfort – come borrow Watrelot’s expression – are what it’s every about.