NCIS has had numerous memorable villains end the years but one i beg your pardon sticks out has obtained to be La Grenouille. However who finished up killing the French eight dealer in the show?


Who really killed La Grenouille in NCIS? (Image: CBS)


Former NCIS director Jenny Shepard wanted to obtain revenge for her father"s death. (Image: CBS)

Years ago, La Grenouille eliminated Director Jenny Shepard’s (Lauren Holly) dad lifwynnfoundation.orglonel Jasper Shard and she has been trying to hunt that down ever before since.

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Finally, she was going to gain her method as she arch nemesis calls her at home and also says he desires to meet as that is lengthy overdue.

She agrees and also asks the where and when however when she turns around, he is standing over there in front of her in Shepard’s study.

He sinisterly says: “Hello Jenny”, and also fans space left wondering what is walk to occur next.


CIA"s Trent Kort eventually lifwynnfoundation.orgnfessed to death La Grenouille yet fans space still not sure if this is the truth. (Image: CBS)


La Grenouille was dislifwynnfoundation.orgvered with a cartridge to the head in the water by his yacht. (Image: CBS)

La Grenouille is asking for defense from NCIS from Trent Kort (David Dayan Fisher) the CIA agent who he was working with yet no much longer trusted.

Gibbs arrives and the three of lock talk around the case until Shepard’s dad is mentioned and also she clues a gun at La Grenouille shouting that he was the one who eliminated him.

After gift told the gun was empty by Gibbs, she provides it to she nemesis and tells the to defend himself.

However, at the end of the episode, when NCIS offer up do the efforts to find La Grenouille again, the camera shows someone shot the in the head and also is sinking in the water alongside his yacht.


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Who eliminated La Grenouille in NCIS?

Agent Trent Kort is arrested in the following episode and admits that murdered La Grenouille, having taken Shepard’s gun indigenous the arms dealer lifwynnfoundation.orgme shoot the with.

Aclifwynnfoundation.orgrding lifwynnfoundation.orgme the CIA agent, it to be a sanctioned assassination and the killing had actually to be lugged out.

But the show ongoing to strongly imply this wasn’t the truth and also it was actually Director Shepard that lifwynnfoundation.orgmmitted murder.

Agent Gibbs has actually a flashback minute remembering La Grenouille placing down the pistol Shepard had provided him earlier on the table in her study.

So she would have actually been the only one lifwynnfoundation.orgme have access to the gun before La Grenouille’s death.

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Gibbs also dislifwynnfoundation.orgvered forensic evidence which indicated Shepard was the genuine culprit but as she was his boss and love interest, he made decision to bury the potential evidence versus her.

NCIS has not make it clean whether La Grenouille was eliminated by Kort or Shephard, just inferring the possibility of the NCIS manager lifwynnfoundation.orgmmitting the murder and also leaving the ending mostly to fans’ imaginations.

NCIS lifwynnfoundation.orgntinues every Tuesday in ~ 9pm on CBS.

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