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I experienced a supplied Task pressure 10" Table saw for $40 and also it looks favor it might be just what my daughter needs. She was trying to find a cheep circular observed to do tiny things around the house, however I"m no so sure it will be a good choice because of safety concerns.She doesn"t require a big table saw since it will only be left in she side yard obtaining rusty and chewed up by the dogs. (she has large dogs that eat shovels and things)This small saw looks prefer it can be held on the wall or on a shelf


You’re probably right. I was attractive to the price and also size of it and also I’ve to be thinking around it. She probably would be far better off with a straightforward miter saw due to the fact that I nothing think she will be ripping anything.

I"ve acquired a Bosch 4100 that has actually the safety functions of larger saws and also the stand enables it to be stored easily, yet it is much much more than $40. If she won"t be ripping a 12" SCMS deserve to crosscut approximately 16", for this reason that"d most likely do she best.
It really was the $40 that even bought into the snapshot for me. Ns now looking for a used miter observed under $40 although she probably will at some point expand to a table saw as soon as she it s okay the cave of it. She does not take treatment of tools and also I hate to also lend she stuff, because I discover them in her earlier yard lie in the dirt or the gift chewed up by the dogs.I have a arsenal of Structron shovels, rakes and also just a finish assortment the Structron tools. They to be in excellent condition until ns lend she my trenching shovel. It was shed for virtually a year and I can not find a replacement because that my collection. Then sooner or later I to be helping her solve her sprinklers and found it half buried in dirt with the handle chewed turn off by the dogs. I’m still trying to find a replacement.
Sounds prefer its time for her to purchase her own tools. A saw sitting external just sounds like a belt of money. And also the more rusty and also wet it gets simply adds come the danger. Ns think friend are ideal to begin her with a miter saw but I wouldn"t purchase it for her.
I’m certain you guys are correct. I have actually been providing her so many tools and also even set her up with a finish tool box of extra tools that I had actually lying around, however when helping her over at her home with stuff, she can’t discover anything.I walk the same thing v my son. I provided him a complete collection of an excellent quality tools in a steel tool box and he left it out in the back of his pickup in north Carolina where it got soaked native rain and bounced roughly on dirt Runs. It finally got stolen ideal from the end of the ago of his truck. I had actually to tell that no more and that he was on his own. Ns guess I’ll need to do that with my daughter together well.

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Ouch... Yeah i am an extremely stingy once it comes to lending things, and wouldn"t likely lend anything to someone who had abused my things previously.I googled increase the attach for replacement structron handles: That page is some horrible flash rendition that a catalog, though, could be easier to watch here:
That page is some awful flash rendition of a catalog, though, could be much easier to look at here:
Thanks Gilgaron, this is my favourite trenching shovel that had the handle chewed off. I dug a the majority of trenches with this shovel. I just have to uncover where I have the right to buy another.
The directory was interesting due to the fact that I found a couple of other items that ns would like to include to mine collection. :laughing:Update: I discovered a whole new shovel transport to my door because that $40
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