Coming come auction this fall, the 1928 automotive masterpiece has actually been exactingly revived to resemble F. Scott Fitzgerald’s summary of that in the legendary novel

This October, Great Gatsby devotees can not just see the “green light” but can also drive v plenty that them, too. After changing several noteworthy hands and undergoing a painstaking $1.2 million restoration, the creamy yellow Rolls-Royce the was featured in the star-studded 1974 adaption the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel is coming to auction via classic Promenade. “It is breathtakingly stunning,” harry Clark, the Phoenix-based agency’s owner and founder, speak Galerie about the 1928 Rolls-Royce 40/50hp Phantom ns Ascot dual Cowl sports Phaeton. “The style of the human body is an extremely sporty, however you have this mix of elegance and a touch the ostentation” —just as Jay Gatsby himself can be described.

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Robert Redford and also the 1928 Rolls-Royce 40/50hp Phantom ns Ascot dual Cowl sports Phaeton exterior of Rosecliff in Newport, Rhode Island, where numerous of the movie’s scenes to be filmed. Photo: Courtesy classic Promenade

Besides the car’s Hollywood pedigree (not to cite Newsweek and GQ covers), Clark assures that the auto is a mechanical feat in its own right, probably justifying the presale estimate of $1.5 come $2 million. Need to it achieve that price, it would certainly be the most valuable car classic Promenade has ever before sold and also its sale would proceed to fuel America’s well-off automotive heritage. Proceeds from the revenue will advantage the Chamberlain Foundation, an company that promotes restoration and preservation in ~ the manufacturing and also machining sectors by encouraging, training, and providing durable employment methods for tradesmen. Because that this reason, particular tax advantages may be accessible to the winning bidder.


The Rolls-Royce was meticulously revitalized to enhance F. Scott Fitzgerald’s description in the book, environment-friendly leather and all. Photo: Courtesy classic Promenade

“Sitting under behind numerous layers the glass in a kind of eco-friendly leather conservatory, we started to town”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, ‘The great Gatsby’

The Gatsby Rolls likewise reflects a lesser-known component of Rolls-Royce history: when cars were made in America. Preferable for your left-hand drive and also top-of-the-line technology, those models do in Springfield, Massachusetts, favor this 1928 Phantom ns Ascot, are specifically hard to come through today. This vehicle is additionally believed to be the just Ascot sport Phaeton constructed with a dual cowl, separating the rear passengers indigenous the driver and also the former passengers.


In the 1970s, once the best Rolls-Royce to complement Fitzgerald’s vivid summary was gift scouted, this model, much like any type of actor, had actually to undergo a speedy makeover come look the part. Fitzgerald composed in The an excellent Gatsby:

“He saw me looking with admiration in ~ his car. ‘It’s pretty, no it, old sport!’ he jumped off to give me a better view. ‘Haven’t you ever seen the before?’ I’d seen it. Everybody had seen it. It was a well-off cream color, bright v nickel, swollen here and also there in its monstrous length with triumphant hat-boxes and supper-boxes and also tool-boxes, and terraced with a labyrinth of wind-shields the mirrored a dozen suns. Sitting down behind plenty of layers the glass in a sort of environment-friendly leather conservatory, we started to town.”

The present owner—a Texas-based Rolls-Royce enthusiast—acquired the auto in 2011 and also spearheaded an eight-year repair by several of the peak automotive talents in the world, bringing the car once again approximately Fitzgerald’s criter (green leather, canary-colored wheel spokes, chrome accents, polished wood dashboard, and also tan, convertible, canvas top, and all) and modernizing that is mechanics. Now in pristine condition and poised for long-distancing touring, the Rolls-Royce was even invited to exhibit at the revered Pebble coast Concours d’Elegance.

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Film stills and also promotional photographs, newspaper covers, and much more for the 1974 movie adaption of The good Gatsby. Photo: Courtesy standard Promenade

While classic Promenade has been consigning and selling cars because 2002, the arrival of the Gatsby Rolls marks the boutique agency’s very first foray right into the online auction realm, a decision mainly based upon how the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the marketplace. Beginning after labor Day, standard Promenade will debut around 12 dare a week, each available for bidding in between one and also two weeks. It also offers a brand-new competitive advantage: Third-party investigate reports because that every auto going forward will be published on that is site. “No one has ever before done that in the auto world. It’s always been ‘buyer beware!’” states Clark, who, together a collector himself, has actually experienced this disappointed time and also time again. “We are trying to do it the best experience for collectors.”

The Gatsby Rolls will be open up for bidding native October 12 come 25. Read much more about that fascinating ownership and restoration at