There"s naught that says Christmas prefer the Plastics" winter talent present performance, which almost became something the Santa Claus wouldn"t grant of. The Mean Girls "Jingle Bell Rock" step was initially racier and much more "naughty" 보다 what pan saw, follow to director mark Waters. In a new interview v Entertainment Weekly, Waters revealed the the Plastics" top talent show dance turned out much different than originally planned, thanks in part to Lindsay Lohan herself.

In the interview, published on Monday, Nov. 16, Waters said that Lohan and also her costars Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert were instructed to perform a "sexually embarrassing run move" in the initial script. "They to be going come turn and stick your posteriors increase in the air," Waters said EW. "And climate they confirmed it come me, and also I to be like, "Whoa, that’s as well much! Go v something else.""

When he determined the relocate was as well racy, especially for Lohan, who hadn"t turn 18 by the time of filming, the well known "thigh slap" was born during rehearsals. "That"s just how we got this idea of, "Let"s perform this stripper thigh slap simultaneously," and it just germinated out of the rehearsals organically, which became the funniest part of the scene," he recalled.

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As fans may recall, Mean girl was initially written together an R-rated film, however was edited come a PG-13 level as soon as everyone realized just how much it would appeal come teenage audiences. "Regina George cussed like a sailor," Waters said EW in 2014 about the initial script. "She had more F-bombs than Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. And also I thought, "This is incredibly bold and daring, yet how is anybody walk to have the ability to make this?"" Therefore, it provides sense the scenes favor the talent show were edited down.

In addition to Lohan"s age, her busy schedule make it an overwhelming for manufacturing to choreograph the dance. "It was going to it is in a much much more elaborate dance," Waters said. "Because we couldn"t book the time with her, it came to be a little an ext roughshod and also a small messier 보다 we to be intending, yet that ended up being the best thing. We"re actually able to do this for real and also have it feel messy like it must . That worked for the movie."

If the writers and producers had actually their way though, not just would the choreography to be different, yet so would certainly the song. It turns out that "Jingle Bell Rock" wasn"t their first choice because that the Plastics" regimen — or also second, or third. "You’d it is in surprised how hard it is to patent Christmas songs," he said.

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"I don’t also know how plenty of things we tried before we gained the rights to "Jingle Bell Rock." we were simply happy to have anybody say yes." A true Hollywood Christmas miracle.