Batman Vs Superman: Who Would Really Win In A Fight, Finally Revealed Superman and Batman have been friendly rivals for decades, but which one of them would really win in a fight when it comes down to it?

Batman and Superman are considered to be one of the best duos in comics. While the super friends have gone on many missions alongside one another, they have also fought on a number of occasions; both in the comics and in their cinematic outings.

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While the two are incredibly powerful in their own right, they are quite the match for one another when it comes down to trading blows. But, there must always be a victor. The winner of this fight has been different on a number of occasions, but here"s the ultimate answer on who would actually win in a fight, based on each of their skills.

The one major weakness of Superman is of course Kryptonite. The natural substance is a real killer for Clark Kent and it"s actually put him at a significant disadvantage in many of his conflicts.

Bruce Wayne usually has some of the green rock on hand just in case he comes across a rogue Kryptonian. He"s even fashioned weapons out of the substance, giving him a point in his favor.

Superman has much more strength than just a man. In fact, if Batman wasn"t wearing the right equipment one punch could quite easily kill him, due to the power of the yellow sun.

The man of steel certainly can"t be bested on a test of strength, so if Bruce is going to beat Clark in a fight, he"s not going to be able to rely on his brawn alone.

Since Batman has quite a few weaknesses of his own he has to rely upon his extensive technology. Luckily, the resources of a billionaire seem to be pretty well suited to fighting off alien super heroes.

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With his mechanical suit protecting him against the severe blows of the Kryptonian and his various gadgets allowing him to turn the tide of battle quickly, his tailored tech definitely gives him an advantage.

7 Superman: Increased Durability

Despite all the heavy hits he may be taking, Superman has the incredibly ability to just keep on getting back up, no matter how many times he has been knocked down.

Whether its the symbol of hope that he"s become, or the fact that his body is literally more durable than a human"s, it"s of course of great benefit to be able to keep on going and carry on taking the harder hits.

In terms of hand to hand combat Bruce Wayne is one of the best in the world. Trained under the League of Asassins and forged in fire and battle, he really is a master of the martial arts.

Not only this, he"s been trained in numerous weapons from swords to firearms (although he usually doesn"t actually resort to a gun). This set of skills will allow him to match some of Superman"s own abilities.

5 Superman: Enhanced Speeds

No matter how quick on his feet Batman is and how fast moving his hands are, Superman is always going to be a lot quicker. Kent is also gifted with super speed.

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He can run so fast that he should be able to manipulate time, so there"s really not much Batman can do to weaken this ability, asides from the Kryptonite. Unless he utilises the element of surprise, Bruce"s tactics can be seen from a mile off.

Batman is the world"s greatest detective and has acquired extensive knowledge and research about his enemies. He has a set of data purely about the son of Krypton.

This will give him an advantage in the field as he will have had the perfect preparation plan to counter some of Clark"s more well known strategies; if his own technology can hold up that is.

3 Superman: Investigator

Despite Batman being a great detective, Clark is an investigator by trade and has the Kryptonian archives and Fortress of Solitude to help with his studies.

He too can look up his enemy and prepare for whats to come. He may target Bruce on a personal level though and would have been capable of working out his identity.

Batman has a lot of experience with larger than life threats. He"s fought madmen, clay monsters and crocodiles bigger than can be imagined. He is pretty prepared for most antagonists.

It"s therefore not totally unreasonable for Bruce to rely on his range of experiences in order to combat this threat. He has after all taken on foes almost as powerful.

1 Superman: Faced Greater Threats

Despite all of this, Superman has simply faced greater threats than Batman ever could. Unless Kryptonite is involved therefore Superman would win the conflict between the two.

When man of steel probably has the abilities to take down Darkseid or Brainiac by himself, a man dressed as a bat probably isn"t that much of a threat in comparison.

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