Deelishis aka Chandra Davis got Flavor the Love season 2, and also the followers are curious to recognize what she’s been up to since courting flavor Flav on the present.

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The beforehand 2000s had been incomplete through out the chaotic vitality the a courting competitors comparable to Flavor that Love. This existing was so financially rewarding that the was used as a technique for succeeding actuality reveals that adopted, prefer Rock that Love and A Shot at Love v Tila Tequila. The cast of Flavor of Love to be loopy entertaining, and the present gave followers the queen the actuality TV herself, Tiffany “New York” Pollard. Despite the present ending end a te in the past, that has had actually an enormous social affect. Memes from the current proceed to be supplied frequently, and folks however quote the collection.

Flavor of Love is an unforgettable present that’s frequently intertwined v reminiscences the nostalgia although Flavor Flav through no way really finished up courting any type of of the winners. His season 1 winner Hoopz aka Nicole Alexander presented that she through no method really desired Flavor in a romantic approach, and that they damaged up. Nicole walk on to date basketball participant Shaquille O’Neal, however that ended. The is defended to say that the existing didn’t help Flavor find eternal love, as he additionally didn’t last with season 2 winner Deelishis, aka Chandra Davis. Alas, many followers perform not understand what emerged to Deelishis since showing top top the present.

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Over the years, Deelishis did discover herself a soulmate once she to buy married to one of many exonerated main Park 5 males, Santana Raymond, after getting engaged come him in 2019. However, previously than she marriage, she to be a music video mannequin, prefer Natalie Mordovtseva native 90 day Fiance. She showed up in Busta Rhymes’ video for “Touch the Remix” and Lil Wayne’s music video clip for “Lollipop”. Deelishis ventured right into music herself and also launched a couple of singles through the years. Those publication embody “The Movement” and “Set that Off”.

Outside of the leisure trade, Deelishis and also Raymond each have youngsters native their earlier relationships. Deelishis’ older daughter, Jasmine, attends Spelman College. They have been a strong couple so far, and also it’s pretty to watch them discover love through each other. They’ve each had relationship difficulties, so it’s superb to watch individuals gain a second probability in ~ love and absolutely adopt it.

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Deelishis has confronted backlash native followers concerning her face, as some assume she’s been underneath the knife. However through the years, she has refuted these cases many instances. She also went for this reason far regarding present pendant her make-up routine, therefore they may see her contouring tips. However, regardless of the negativity on social media, Deelishis is in a cheerful, specialized relationship with a human being who loves her, and also he or she has nice youngsters. She could have got Flavor the Love, but she actually got at life.

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