Phoebe may have had actually a rough start to life, yet by the finish of Friends, she was in a an excellent place, married to the love of her life: Mike Hannigan.

Except now it turns out that Hank Azaria, that played Phoebe"s scientist friend David, has actually revealed that points were an alleged to end in different way for to ~ old Pheebs. On the show, their relationship finished when he visited Minsk to do essential research, yet they had actually some an excellent times.

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Later, Phoebe falls in love v Mike, however they rest up ~ Mike states he never ever wants to marry again because of his failed an initial marriage. David comes ago from Minsk and also proposes come Phoebe, leading Mike to propose to she too.

She transforms down both the them yet gets ago together with Mike and also marries him later on because he"s she lobster.

Well, it transforms out, Phoebe was claimed to end up with David, but Mike, aka Paul Rudd, was so damn charming the they had to change the storyline.

"The plan constantly was sort of to bring back," Hank said in a current interview through The Huffington Post. "I think, honestly, what occurred was Paul Rudd is therefore awesome the they type of discovered a groove with him and also became much more of simply the grist for that mill. As opposed come the other means around."

He was a little bit disappointed because that the guy, together we every were. "It in reality did sting a small bit," the said. "Whatever part of me is David the science man who went to Minsk, i m sorry admittedly is more than likely a small part of me <laughs>, yet that component of me wanted to end up with Phoebe. So i was type of sad as soon as I didn"t."

But also he had to concede the Mike to be The One. "He definitely has gone on come prove that he was comedically deserving that Phoebe"s love."

No doubt.

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