Converse is an iconic brand of casual footwear, i beg your pardon was created in 1908 in the united States. The sneakers and also shades the the label are being sold an international and loved by millions of people, consisting of celebrities. This day the brand has over 100 stores anywhere America and thousands of market points throughout the globe.

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Meaning and history


Probably one of the most renowned footwear brands in history, Converse boasts an instantly recognizable visual identity, i m sorry was an initial designed in 1963. The logo, developed in the 1960s, has been reflected in every brand-new version, celebrate the heritages and background of the company.

At the beginning of the that company history, there was no consistent logo, and the engraving in various styles was supplied for the first decades. In 1932 the brand started producing All-Star shoes, which ended up being incredibly popular, for this reason the firm began adopting the Star symbol for its intuitive identity, until ultimately in 1962 the an initial official logo design was created.

1963 — 1977


The logo design from 1963 featured a “Converse” inscription in the lowercase, put on the right of the an easy black star emblem. It to be a modest and minimalist, yet stylish logo, representing a strong modern-day company. The five-pointed star was additionally a price of excellence and also high quality, when the wordmark in fragile letters evoked a feeling of friendliness and also playfulness, showing the character of the brand and also its products.

1977 — 2003


The redesign that 1977 lugged a brand-new powerful image to the company’s intuitive identity. The White Star to be now put inside a black square v rounded angles. The emblem was placed over the interlocutor wordmark in all fundings with the letter “N” in the lowercase.

The sans-serif typeface that the nameplate is very similar to screen Pump font through its thick modern-day lines and also distinct edges.


In the same year, the firm creates an additional logo, where the black star is inserted on a white elevator without any type of framing. The wordmark on its left is composed in the same style as in the main logo, yet has a white star in the facility of the letter “O”.

The logo stays with the company for more than 2 years and also still have the right to be seen on few of the vintage models that the brand’s shoes.

2003 — 2007


In 2003 the logo design was redesigned again. The star symbol was now enclosed in a thick black color circle, v a most white room inside. That looked fresh and also light, yet an effective and solid.

The engraving still uses all capital letters, except for “N”, and also was executed in a comparable style together the one indigenous the previous logo. The lettering was written in a contemporary and solid sans-serif typeface, i beg your pardon is really close to Zoria bolder font.


The additional logo featured an enlarged black color star without any frames, and the wordmark under it, enforcement in a bolder typeface.

2007 — 2011


In 2007 the company starts using the version of the logo, which to be designed in the beforehand 1970s by Jim Labadini. It to be a black color star, put near the chevron, pointing right. It was a symbol of progress and also energy, which continued to be with the brand for 4 years.

As for the wordmark, the was put under the emblem and also executed in the same format as the vault versions.

2011 — 2017


The extr logo from 1977 comes ago to the company’s visual identification in 2011. The black color wordmark through a white star, inserted inside the letter “O” is currently the main logo of the brand. The strong signature typeface and iconic star price — a combination, i m sorry is instantly recognizable anywhere the globe. This logo design stayed v the brand for an additional six years and also still deserve to be checked out on some models and also printables.

2017 — Today


The redesign the 2017 is a mixture that the emblem native the 1970s and also the wordmark indigenous the 2010s. The star through a chevron is ago to the Converse intuitive identity, while the iconic lettering was changed by a completely new style.

The inscription is now written in all capitals of the sans-serif typeface, i beg your pardon is close come Typold extended Black font. The letters have enough room between each various other in bespeak to create a feeling of freshness and light.

The Converse logo is timeless and an effective in the simplicity and minimalism. The looks stylish and also bright in any type of background, even if it is it is printed ads, cloth badges or simple monochrome tags.

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The Converse logo design boasts a simplistic design, which has actually proved come be reliable in every aspects. The black color portrays excellence, elegance, and also integrity. The white shade stands because that purity and also charm.