A substantial auto glass investigate is part of Utah’s state-mandated auto safety trial and error program.

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Your car’s windshield plays vital role. That helps save your automobile stable, hold up her roof in the event of a crash, preventing an inward collapse. The aids with visibility, helping prevent crashes and injuries come yourself and also other chauffeurs on the road.

When you visit the room of transportation for her vehicle’s security inspection, an detailed auto glass investigate is a large part that the visit. Will certainly your car pass?

Utah safety Inspection Laws

In Utah, vehicles that room 4, 8 and 10 years old should pass safety and security inspections. When the auto is 10 years old, it need to pass a safety and security inspection every year. The registration have to be valid and you should schedule the inspection because that within 2 months the the registration’s renewal.

The auto glass inspection is just part of a an extensive look in ~ your entire vehicle, yet your auto can easily fail if that has also a tiny windshield crack. Follow to state restrictions, cracks and also chips space OK only if they space within the 6-inch border that the leaf of the windshield, measured from wherein the glass meets the edge of the molding and also toward the center of the windshield.

The inner part of the windshield is dubbed the acute area. If a cracked extends right into this area and is much longer than 1 inch, your vehicle will fail the auto glass inspection.

Examining her Windshield

Before girlfriend schedule your vehicle’s visit, take a good look in ~ the acute area of her windshield. Use a measuring ice to check the length of every mark. Err ~ above the side of caution. Also though you may hope your auto can sneak by, think about why these standards are in place — for her safety. It’s in your best interest come make certain your windshield is solid, clear and secure.

Do You need Repair or Replacement?

Call a experienced auto glass repair company to acquire their opinion on your windshield. Castle will have actually experience helping your customers pass state safety inspections, and they will know if the damages to your auto glass endangers your capability to pass.

They will likewise be may be to offer you options: do you desire to fix or replace the windshield? If the damaged can be repaired, this option may be a more cost-effective choice. If it’s too considerable for a repair, you’ll enter your safety and security inspection through a new, perfect windshield that’s guaranteed to pass scrutiny.

Trust Glasshopper Auto Glass because that a skilled auto glass inspection, and affordable repair or replacement services — we pertained to you.

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