Finding bed bugs in your house requires you to take it on some deep cleaning, yet have you ever before heard the myth of dried sheets for acquiring rid that bed bugs? some people think that making use of this product around the home will have actually a huge effect in the existence of bed bugs. If you may use dryer sheets once you’re laundering your bedding during an infestation, there’s quiet a dispute on even if it is or no this will assist reduce bed bug numbers.

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Do Dryer Sheets repel or get rid of Bed Bugs?

As much as we shot to avoid bed bugs native coming right into our home, over there is constantly the hazard that they could find a way in. By the time that we notice them, there might be a whole swarm of them established. If you lucky, you’ll capture on early. If you’re wonder the best an approach for getting rid the bed bugs, you may have come across the idea of placing dryer sheets approximately your home.

The theory is the placing dryer sheets under her mattress, under her couch cushions, and also in dresser drawers will certainly repel bed bugs due to the strong scent that dryer sheets. Unfortunately, there are no scientific studies accessible to prove the efficiency of utilizing dryer sheets come repel or kill bed bugs. Baby powder is an additional pest regulate myth the homeowners regularly attempt to usage to remove bed bugs.

Whether you’re drying your sheets with them or place them approximately the house as a deterrent, dryer sheets will do far more to soften her sheets than they will certainly to manage bed bugs. You’re better off utilizing some alternative methods for managing a bed an insect problem.

Dryer Sheets might Repel various other Insects

While over there is no scientific study proving that dryer sheets have the right to repel bed bugs, there space studies that show they might repel gnats. In 2010, Kansas State University conducted an experiment to identify the efficacy the Bounce dryer sheets in warding off fungus gnats in the laboratory setting.

The experiment verified that the enhancement of dryer sheets in compartments v fungus gnats have the right to reduce their population significantly, whereas, there is no the dryer sheets, the populace is significantly higher.

Dryer sheets were so effective versus these fungus gnats because of the sheets containing compound linalool and also citronellol. Linalool is a natural compound the is toxic to a variety of different mites and insects. The can likewise be uncovered in plants such as lavender, marjoram, and also basil.

Some research studies have presented that numerous essential oil containing linalool will kill bed bugs ~ above contact. There is no data mirroring linalool functions as an effective repellent so we have the right to not recommend dryer sheets as an reliable repellent.

When it comes to laundry, bed bugs hate warm water and also hot dryer temperatures. If you have the right to make that happen, beddings and affected clothing should be laundered each day using the warm cycle of her washer. Make certain these items space in the hot dryer because that the complete dry cycle, though many of the bed bugs most likely won’t survive the washing process. To do the process an ext effective, take into consideration letting her items soak in the washer because that at least thirty minutes.


Store your freshly laundered items in a sealed plastic bag until you must use them and also you have removed every the bed bugs from her home. This prevents the items from obtaining contaminated v a brand-new set of bed bugs.

In addition to maintaining up with laundry, you must keep your home very clean. It’s necessary to vacuum in all the little cracks and also crevices that exist around your bed. Girlfriend should also clean the end the inside of your dresser or closet if you feel the bed bugs are common on your clothing.


Don’t forget, bed bugs have the right to live without a enjoy the meal for increase to 3 months. If temperatures and also conditions are optimal, they can enter a dormant-like state that allows them come live for one complete year without feeding turn off a host. Once they’re at their many active, you’ll uncover that bed bugs eat when every five to ten days.

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If her bed bug problem is too huge for DIY methods to it is in effective, we recommend working v a default bed pest removal expert. Gain started with a bed pest professional today,than%20a%20control%20synthetic%20insecticide.



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