The difference between solid-gold and gold-plated jewel is related to steel composition: if solid-gold jewelry is make of a gold alloy that is regular throughout the piece, gold-plated pieces are made that a non-gold steel that is just covered with a thin film of gold. Stop see how you can find out whether a item of jewelry is solid gold or gold plated.

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Looking at yellow markings is one of the fastest methods to create what your jewelry is made of.

Looking at yellow markings is just one of the fastest methods to develop what her jewelry is made of.

The most common stamp offered in gold-plated jewelry is GP (standing for “gold plated”).

You may likewise see GEP, which means “gold electroplated” and RGP (meaning “rolled yellow plate”).

HGE (for “heavy gold electroplate”) is an additional mark that indicates gold plating (you can also see HGP, which has the exact same meaning).

Please keep in mind that not having such markings does not typical that her jewelry is solid gold: It might simply no be stamped in spite of being plated.

Acid Testing: The many Reliable Method

Perhaps the most reliable method to uncover out the gold contents of jewelry is to perform an mountain test. Click right here to view an acid testing kit that can be provided to check the purity of gold and also other priceless metals.

Although you can buy one acid trial and error kit and also perform the test at home, interpreting the outcomes can gain tricky relying on the yellow alloy examined. This is why us recommend the you have such a test done by a professional.

Here’s how acid testing works:

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The jeweler will certainly take part sample material from her jewelry and then apply acid to it to observe if over there is a shade change, i beg your pardon will suggest what metals the sample contains.

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Acid testing is used greatly to identify the karat of solid gold jewelry, however it can additionally indicate whether the item is plated.

Alternatively, if you scratch a plated item deep enough, friend will see the underlying metal, which will certainly confirm that the jewelry is not solid yellow — try this ~ above your own risk, though.

Note: Solid gold does not average pure. You have to keep in mind that solid pieces consist of an alloy that gold and other metals, and the purity that this mixture depends on exactly how much yellow it contains. A piece deserve to be made of hard gold and also have an extremely low yellow purity in ~ the very same time (purity is shown by the piece’s karat).

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Magnet Testing

Another way to check what metals you jewelry has is to usage a magnet. Since gold is no magnetic, if your jewelry is attractive to the magnet, the piece need to contain some other metal.

This test, however, is not conclusive because that a pair of reasons.

First, when a reaction of your jewelry to the magnet indicates that the piece is no made specifically of gold, this does no necessarily mean that that is plated – it can still it is in a solid yellow alloy that has actually low purity and contains a magnetic metal.

Second, a piece may be gold plated without being attracted come a magnet if the main point metal, which is spanned with gold, is nonmagnetic.

The magnet test is not fully useless, however: used in connect with other tests, the can provide you some clues about what her jewelry is made of.

Gold color as one Indicator

The color of your jewelry can likewise be provided as a reservation to even if it is the piece is solid or plated.

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Gold-plated jewelry is occasionally covered with 24-karat gold. In contrast, solid yellow pieces space not made of pure gold together it is also soft; castle are rather made that a gold alloy that has metals that give the mixture hardness.

So, if her jewelry has actually an intense yellow color comparable to the of pure gold and is relatively cheap (or that price is nearby to the of identical 10K or 14K pieces), climate it might be yellow plated.

The best method to recognize that for sure, however, is to have the item acid tested.

You can likewise look at the surface ar of the jewelry and see if its ton is also throughout or there is a readjust in shade somewhere: If the gold plating is worn off in some places, the underlying metal will be clearly shows there.

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