Alice is the main character the the story “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and the sequel “Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice uncovered there”.

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She is a seven-year-old English girl (in ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ she is specifically seven year old, in ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ she is seven and also a half) with numerous imagination and is fond of mirroring off her knowledge. Alice is polite, fine raised and also interested in others, back she periodically makes the dorn remarks and upsets the creatures in Wonderland. She is easily put off by abruptness and rudeness of others.

In with the Looking-Glass, she is 6 months older and much more sure of her identity.

In the short article ‘Alice on Stage’, Carroll gives the following description of her:

“Loving, first, loving and gentle: loving together a dog (forgive the prosaic simile, but I recognize no earthy love so pure and also perfect), and gentle as a fawn; then courteous – courteous to all, high or low, grand or grotesque, King or Caterpillar, even as though she to be herself a king’s daughter, and also her garments of wrought gold: then trustful, ready to accept the wildest impossibilities with all that utter to trust that just dreamers know; and lastly, curious – madness curious, and also with the eager enjoyment of Life the comes only in the happy hrs of childhood, when all is brand-new and fair, and when Sin and also Sorrow are however names – empty words signifying nothing!”

The personality of Alice is based upon a actual girl, dubbed Alice Liddell, who was one of the author’s child-friends.

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The illustrations the Alice by john Tenniel room not based upon Alice Liddell. Carroll sent out Tenniel a picture of mar Hilton Badcock, one more child-friend, that was the daughter the the Dean of Ripon. He encourage her together a model, yet whether Tenniel embraced this advice stays a matter of dispute

The surname of among the three little sisters in the Treacle Well describes Alice: ‘Lacie’ is a change of the letter from the word ‘Alice’.