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Also recognized As: WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2011Genre: Sports, rings Developer: Yukes Publisher: THQ ESRB Rating: teen Release Date: October 26, 2010

Week 2 - Backstage Brawl // Randy OrtonWeek 3 - Backstage Brawl // KozlovRoyal Rumble - Backstage Brawl // ZigglerWeek 9 - Tables match // huge ShowWeek 12 - Backstage Brawl // BatistaWrestleMania - Last guy Standing // The Rock

Week 4 - Backstage Brawl // confront Sheamus in the middle Locker RoomWeek 5 - Tag match on SD // Fight fact & results (talk come MVP to collection this up)Week 7 - Tag enhance on SD // truth & after-effects for the title (unlocks civilian MVP)Week 8 - Backstage Brawl // tradition (unlocks civilian Cena & entrance)Week 11 - sign Team // through Santino vs LegacyWrestleMania - Singles complement // Vince in the eco-friendly Room

Week 4 - after ~ the Peep Show, prior to talking to Tiffany, go to the peak lockerroom top top the map and talk come Regal. The will difficulty you because that Superstars.Week 5 - discover Kane and get tested to an Inferno Match.Week 7 - find CM Puink in the hallways and also talk come him. He will certainly fight friend inan excessive rules match at Superstars.Week 9 - uncover Jericho in the trainer"s room. He will an obstacle you forSuperstars.Week 11 - find Legacy backstage. Struggle them 2-on-1 in ~ Superstars.WrestleMania - Cash in against Edge, then check the environment-friendly Room come challengeStone Cold

In Rey"s road to wrestlemania you begin off together evil however when Evan Bourne mirrors you the the vido the you saw earlier in the storyline climate yu pick Swagger"s side or Bourne"s side.

I recognize what you"re thinking hey this is fake there"s no time maker in wwe, yet just check out this. In christian"s road to wrestlemania during the elimination room ppv walk to the bottom locker room and also talk come Edge. You men will start talking around a time maker and plan to rebuild it. After the goes come the gm office and also talk come Mr. McMahon. After that you"ll notification to activity figures next to the tv in the gm"s office, choose them up. Following go come the environment-friendly room and pick up the flux capacitor. And also then go to the parking lot and also pick increase the phone booth.After you choose up all 3 pieces go come edge in the locker room and rebuild the time machine. After the you have the right to go to any of those currently done in everyone"s road to wrestlemania. Enjoy!

Week 3 - Submission match // JerichoWeek 4 - 6 male Tag // Los ConquistadorsWeek 6 - Singles enhance // R TruthWeek 9 - Singles complement // Bourne vs Orton (talk to Orton in height Locker Room in ~ Elim chamber to collection this up)Week 10 - Cage // Hurricane (talk to him in the lower locker room to set this up prior to teaming through RVD)WrestleMania - excessive Rules // terry Funk (find that in the green Room)

Week 1 - Singles match // The MizWeek 5 - Singles complement // Santino (talk come Santino at the royal Rumble to set this up)Week 7 - Parking many // CenaWeek 8 - Diva enhance // Maryse vs BethWeek 11 - Singles match // Santino vs large Show (talk come Santino in the room to setup your interference)WrestleMania - Singles complement // discover Steamboat in the green Room

When the complement starts remain close come the ref, as soon as Undertaker trys to hit friend he will hit the ref if you keep doing that Undertaker will keep hitting the ref and also will be disqaulified.

In Christian"s road to wrestlemania you start in ECW. Then you"ll lose in the royal rumble and also go come smackdown, Theadore long makes friend target the sign team champions. So friend team through Edge and after you win the ladder match at elimination room you could cash that in against Edge (World heavyweight champion) or Shawn Michaels (WWE champion).

Rey Mysterio - is one of the most famous Superstars in the WWE, yet if you take it SmackDown vs. Life 2011 competition seriously, friend can’t merely pick her favorite Superstar and also expect come win best out of the gate. Not all superstar are developed equally, and unless she an professional like myself, it will certainly take part time to master each Superstar.While Mysterio is one of the much better Superstars in the SvR 2011, he’s also really technical and also requires a decent understanding of the video game if you great to defeat professional opponents. Mysterio has actually speed and agility ~ above his side, however you’ll need much more than that to take under a optimal player.First and foremost, you can not play Mysterio favor his real-life WWE counterpart and also expect come beat experienced players. Flying off the ropes and turnbuckle will only make it simpler for an adversary to use a reversal. Instead, focus on Mysterio’s reversals, speed and abilities to victory matches.Reversals are the true crucial to winning, thanks in part to a technological rating of 95, and also Mysertio’s Leverage pen ability. Include to that a speed rating the 85, and also you should acquire in close to an opponent and reverse together many strikes as girlfriend can, climate if you acquire into trouble, usage Mysterio’s rate to quickly move away. Once an foe has been greatly damaged, a reversal into a leverage pen is sufficient to win the match.

Sheamus - may be brand-new to the SmackDown vs. Life series, but you wouldn’t recognize it through looking at his attribute ratings. He is a heavy-hitter, v Grapple and also Strikes ratings of 90, and also a submission rating that 80. This means you deserve to use any range of attacks you wish and also Sheamus will certainly inflict significant amounts that damage.Almost all of Sheamus’ attribute ratings are over average, therefore you deserve to reverse attacks easier, and also take much more hits than most other WWE Superstars. In fact, if girlfriend think you as good at the game as i am, just walk as much as your opponent and let castle hit friend a few times. Sheamus has actually a to trust rating that 90 and also the Resiliency ability, therefore he can absolutely take a pounding. However, this is only recommended if you a grasp of the squared circle, prefer myselfUnfortunately, Sheamus Charisma rating is just 70, yet when you have a reputation like he does, taunting is nothing more than a nail in the coffin of your opponent’s ego. While you’re liven gloating, don’t forget to turn up the heat with Sheamus’ Fired Up capability to execute 3 consecutive Finishers and also end the complement in style.

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To defend any wwe title! an initial go come superstar monitoring then go to any superstar (except a diva. ) and also give them the ecw or wcw or hardcore championship and give them any other location (except the divas or womans championship. ) the go to a match and press advancement then title and it will present the 2 titles that superstar has.