Howard “Keon” Wright, an affiliate of Yo Gotti’s camp, has reportedly been sentenced to 10 come 14 year in jail after admitting to a range of fees stemming from a 2016 shooting in Charlotte, N.C. Wright has actually been a well-known associate of the Memphis rapper for years, stated to be fulfilling duties as both a roadway manager and also vice chairman of Gotti's collective Music Group.

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According come court documents derived by Bossip, Wright, 31, is right now in custody in the Mecklenburg county Sheriff's department in north Carolina and was sentenced by referee Carla N. Archie.

According come reports, Wright gone into a guilty plea ~ above the exact same day that was reserved to begin trial, in addition to two co-defendants, Kevin Thompson, 31, additionally entered a guilty plea to number of gun charges and also Derek Bolton, 36, who was figured out not guilty after taking his instance to trial.

The shooting event in question took location at roughly 4:45 a.m. Top top Feb. 28, 2016, coinciding through the central Intercollegiate strong Association’s yearly tournament. Every reports, security guards saw a Nissan Altima leaving the scene after discharge 40 to 50 shots right into the lobby of a Hyatt and two lived in vehicles. Police quickly stopped the vehicle, throughout which Wright obtained out and ran, supposedly bringing a rifle and also a handgun together with him. According to reports, he later on dropped his weapons and also was arrested and also charged. Nobody was injured as a result of the shooting.

While the motivation behind the shooting has actually not yet been officially confirmed or disclosed, some think the plan target to be Yo Gotti’s rival, Young Dolph, who happened to be in city to perform throughout the weekend’s festivities. Young Dolph was coincidentally shot at the following year during CIAA weekend in 2017, escaping much more than 100 bullets. Gotti's artist Blac Youngsta rotate himself into authorities in link to the February shooting. Month later, Gotti discovered himself being named a human of interest regarding a Sept. 2017 shooting in Hollywood which left Dolph in critical condition. He was eventually released there is no charges.

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According to the D.A.’s office, wright pled guilty to a variety of charges, including five counts the discharging a firearm into lived in property, discharging a firearm into an occupied auto in operation, conspiracy to discharge a firearm into an populated dwelling, eight counts the discharging a firearm right into an inhabited dwelling and also misdemeanor transferring a concealed gun, follow to the DA’s office.

At the moment of this report, Yo Gotti has not authorize a explain on the matter. Back in august 2018, that wiped his Instagram clean conserve for one post, writing, “I’ll BE ago WHEN THE STREETS all set …”