A Letter of reference is an ext severe than a Letter of Admonition or Letter the Counseling. Favor the Letter of Admonition, it"s offered to document clear hurt of standards and also is supplied for much more serious offenses. It may also be issued once other, less severe methods, such together a Letter the Counseling or Letter the Admonition have failed to exactly behavior.

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Note the you don"t have to give a human an LOC before you existing a Letter of Reprimand. This tools are not required to be supplied in any kind that order. Lock are used as appropriate. The Letter the Counseling is simply that -counseling -to clean up any misunderstanding. If the person receiving the LOR is in evident violation of some standard, then an LOC is not crucial or appropriate. Go right for the LOR.

Some infractions that concerned mind as not requiring one LOC, since everyone understands they violate standards, are:showing increase to occupational with alcohol on your breathshowing up late because that workfalsifying or "pencil whipping" preventative Maintenance Inspectionsnot following instructions or ordersAlthough one LOC is not forced to be presented before issuing an LOR, the does not average that counseling is not vital --it is. However documenting that counseling have to be excellent in the human body of an LOR. The language and also tone that the LOR should be an ext directive than that discovered in the LOC. In the LOC, us don"t do assumptions about the counselee"s motives however rather explain expectations and define acceptable behavior. In the LOR, we carry out make assumptions and also describe the effects the receiver deserve to expect if the objectionable behavior is repeated. Keep in mind that the content of the LOR is similar to the LOCs the many people are accustomed to seeing due to the fact that many supervisors use the LOC much more as a punitive device than as a counseling tool.A Letter of blame (LOR) is taped on squadron letterhead or level bond document if letterhead is not available. The format forced for the Letter of reference is the very same as for letter of Counseling and Letters of Admonishment, the official Memorandum format. The only distinction is the subject line. Check out the instance below. For much more information ~ above the main Memorandum format, go to the main Memorandum page.

Include the adhering to Information

When composing a Letter that Reprimand, the complying with information need to be included:What the member walk or failed to do and also the linked dates

What development is intended

That continued violations of standards will result in much more severe action

That the individual has actually 3 duty job to submit rebuttal files to the initiator. As soon as calculating the an answer due date, the day of receipt is not counted, and if the separation, personal, instance mails their acknowledgment, the day of the postmark on the envelope will certainly serve together the date of acknowledgment

That the human who initiated the LOR has 3 duty work to recommend the separation, personal, instance of their final decision regarding any comments submitted by the individual

That all supporting files received native the individual will become part of the record

The paper must incorporate a Privacy act statement. Written governmental reprimands are subject come the rules of access and defense as outlined in The Privacy act of 1974. The exact same rules use to any type of copies retained by supervisors or in the individual"s UIF or Personnel Information file (PIF).

LOR Examples

LOR example for drink on Duty

LOR instance for fail to follow Orders

LOR instance for Disrespect come an NCO

LOR instance for Disrespect

LOR example for Lateness

LOR for PT Failure

LOR in Word layout - Official instance from Cannon AFB in Microsoft Word style (.docx) contributed by SSgt Eigenmann

Letter of reprimand Example





SUBJECT: Letter of reprimand

1. Top top 7 Sep 10, you report to work virtually an hour late and I smelled alcohol on her breath.

2. Together an Air pressure professional, you know the prominence of discipline and must know that the is your responsibility to report to occupational well rested and also prepared come work. Getting here to occupational in your problem reflects negatively on yourself and also your supervisor and also your workcenter. If this behavior occurs again, I will be required to think about you unfit to serve and it will certainly be my obligation to the work-related center and the Squadron, come refer you come the command for consideration for discharge.

3. PRIVACY act STATEMENT. AUTHORITY: 10 U.S.C. 8013. PURPOSE: come obtain any comments or files you desire to submit for consideration worrying this action. Routine USE: gives you an possibility to submit comments or documents for consideration. If provided, the comments or files you submit become a component of the action. DISCLOSURE: Your composed acknowledgment or receipt and signature room mandatory. Any kind of other comment or files you carry out are voluntary.

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4. Friend will indicate receipt and also understanding of this letter in the space below. You have actually 3 duty days in i m sorry to carry out a solution if you choose. A response is no required.