Few tunes can enhance up to Bonanza"s iconic layout song! The NBC Western collection opened episodes v the instrumental track, likewise titled "Bonanza," which was composed by a famous songwriting team. Over the years, other artists take it on the "Bonanza" design template with lyrics together well. Here"s the background of Bonanza"s theme song.

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Everyone to know the Bonanza template song. However do you understand who created it?

The important tune, titled "Bonanza," is a classic of western music and is known today even by those unfamiliar with Bonanza itself. Here are the beginnings of the iconic layout song.

Bonanza theme song: who wrote the famed instrumental?

Composer-songwriter duo Jay Livingston and also Ray Evans composed "Bonanza." They in reality completed the in one day, before the show even had actually a script, and sold it to NBC because that $500.

Livingston & Evans to be told to "Make it short, make it cheap, and make the sound like "strong guys were riding right into somewhere v a western or march flavor"," according to MeTV. They later on received an additional $1,500 when Bonanza actually aired ~ above NBC. The song, together it appeared on the western series, was orchestrated through Dan Rose and also arranged by Billy May. 

Bonanza"s opened featured the important over a burning Ponderosa map the dissolves right into an introduction of actors members Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, Michael Landon, and Lorne green (as checked out below).

Several execution of "Bonanza" showed up on the show, v revised songs "The big Bonanza" and also a speedier version being provided in the later seasons. The initial version through Livingston & Evans additionally featured lyrics, which never appeared on the Bonanza TV series.


"Bonanza" - The lyric versions: Johnny Cash and more

Over the years, numerous artists performed version of "Bonanza," countless of them through lyrics. Al Caiola and His Orchestra very first scored a Billboard hit v an instrumental version in 1961. Johnny Cash was likewise the an initial to record a full lyric version of "Bonanza," v his very own rewritten lyrics, in 1962.

Another renowned lyric version of "Bonanza" showed up in the TV show"s pilot episode — just it was edited the end of the variation that aired on NBC. The featured the initial "Cartwrights" to sing the text themselves in ~ the end of the episode.

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Bonanza aired top top NBC for 14 seasons (1959-1973). Uncover out just how well friend really know the Western show by clicking here to take our quiz.